As the space-themed Bangface Weekender counts down to blast-off, news is coming in of an attempt to set the record for the world’s biggest glowstick, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

Organiser Saint Acid says the attempt involves one giant glowstick rather than connecting thousands of small ones, in a tale reminiscent of the old Soviet Union when a factory allegedly met its Five Year Plan target by producing one giant nail instead of millions of smaller ones. They still beat the Americans to get the first man into space though. 😉

Saint Acid would not be drawn on whether the glowstick record bid has anything to do with the “human rave bomb” mentioned last year. Read about more of the madness to come in our burgeoning Bang Face Weekender forum. And if you’re new to Bang Face, don’t forget to read our definitive guide to Bang Face and world exclusive interview with Saint Acid.

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