Almost there for Glade

July 11, 2008

There’s lots of feverish activity going on down at the Glade site right now, where the organisers are working round the clock to put in the finishing touches for the fifth festival, one of our local moles reports.

Forum member Fidge-uk took some photographs of the goings-on near Aldermaston and told us:

“Hope you’re all as excited as I am? Every day when I take my Glade site 1daughter to school I drive past the Wasing Estate. On Friday i noticed the first lorry loads of equipment entering the site. Since then its been non-stop and the site’s got quite a bit of stuff on it now. I’ve seen an enormous white tent/marquee go up and all the metal fencing is in huge piles. It’s weird, but I can’t stop smiling, even though its been raining all bloody day. I’ve also noticed they’ve not grazed the fields this year….. no cow pats…. great!”

See the forum thread for more pictures, including the state of poor Fidge’s house after they got home from last year’s serious floods.

Fidge adds: “Drove past the site today & they’ve made pretty good progress with getting most of the perimeter fence up….. there’s also an orange sign on the verge saying “Gate 2″…… lots more, vehicles, people & stuff….. didn’t get any pictures due to the torrential downpour but did slow down loads & have a good look! Wicked, wicked, wicked….. so can’t wait!”

And another contributor says: “I went to the site today and the ground’s dry there, dry enough to drive a car over so it’s all looking good. :)”

More updates in the thread. And don’t forget to pack the suncream!

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