Glade Festival director Anselm Guise has issued a statement on Facebook apologising for a recent lull in communications from Glade HQ. This follows a mini-statement given to Ravetalk on 14 February, explaining that he was on his annual trip to South Africa for the Origin Festival and to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Ans added: “There’s a load of stuff we’re just finalising now… Trust this… Like someone said, it’s only February.”

Ravetalk also understands there may be some news in a couple of days concerning Arcadia, the people behind the impressive fiery stage that has appeared at Glastonbury and Glade’s 2009 event. Although the usual Arcadia stage is not expected to be present at this year’s event, it is hoped that the Arcadia people will still have some involvement that will be unique to Glade.

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