Ravetalk is very proud that it has been listed among the Glade Festival’s friends on their official website: “The people over at Ravetalk are big fans of the Glade and us of them and their help is invaluable in creating a festival that you will enjoy.”

This website has had a long friendship with Glade Festival crew, artists, staff, promoters and even the organisers themselves. This has given us unrivalled access to inside information – just look through our news and forum pages and see for yourself. We have continued this record for 2009 – we were first to reveal the festival would be leaving Wasing Estate, first to get official confirmation that Matterley Bowl, Winchester, was the new venue, first to reveal the main line-up announcement, first to reveal Bang Face would not be at Glade 2009, first to reveal the Carmageddon line-up and have answered many ongoing questions about the event with information direct from the organisers.

But we don’t just dutifully regurgitate PR handouts. While we may be ‘in the loop’, we value our editorial independence. This earns us credibility among our members and respect from the organisers, who value the feedback they get from our lively Glade Festival forum. Why not come and join in?

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