Well, people have been asking about this for months, and now GladTalk can finally reveal that Bang Face at Glade is definitely ON!

Join the celebrations here and see below for the line-up. 🙂

BF @ Glade flyer

Please note there will also be a Bang Face at Electrowerkz the week before Glade on Fri 11 July (totally different line-up).

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  • suzee says:

    Hey yo! I get to bangmefookin face twice!! Its totally made my day 🙂

  • Sperge says:

    GladTalk will be revealing the Bang Face at Glade 2008 line-up tonight some time after midnight. 🙂

  • Sperge says:

    Confirmed Bang Face line-up now at http://www.gladtalk.co.uk/lineup.html

    See bold text at bottom of Overkill line-up.

    And join in the Bang Face @ Glade discussions at

    http://www.gladtalk.co.uk/forum/bang-face-glade-t5546.html 🙂

  • Sperge says:

    And some more details for BF@Glade (officially designated BF57). Note the theme is ROMANS:

    Friday 18th July 2008

    Bang Face, the founders of Neo-Rave, return for their third adventure into the psychedelic wonderland that is the Glade Festival 🙂

    The World’s official Neo-Rave commemorating the Great Fire of Rome which broke out in the Circus Maximus on this day in A.D. 64.
    Just like Emperor Nero we’ll keeping playing the fiddle when all around us burns…

    CJ BOLLAND – Techno Legend plays a rare banging techno rave set
    REMARC – Pioneer of the rinsing Amen Jungle sound
    HELLFISH – Overlord of the Hard Techno scene
    BONG-RA – The World’s greatest Metal-Breakcore-Junglist
    VIBES & LIVELEE – Happy Rave Hardcore vibes from the dynamic duo
    GLOWSTYX – Neo-Ravers responsible for the unofficial Bang Face Anthem!
    THE DOUBTFUL GUEST – The new Queen of live Acid
    SAINT ACID – The Patron Saint of Neo-Rave

    RAVE THEME: WHEN IN ROME – Come dressed in ancient Roman garb…
    As Gladiators, Emperors, Roman Gods, Slaves, in Togas or as beasts of the Colosseum 😉

    10pm – 4am @ Glade Festival, Overkill Stage

    HYPE: http://www.bangface.com
    TICKETS: http://www.gladefestival.com

    BANG FACE – A Neo-Rave Explosion of Acid, Jungle, Rave Hardcore,
    Drum & Bass, Breakcore, Techno, Electronica and Abstract Dance.

    (Bang Face – We Play Together)

  • leo says:

    i remember saint acid and the bang face hard crew at glade last year wwas dissapointed wen i herd you wernt doin this year but loads more dnb this year so i can make do i just hope theres some awesom hardcore beats like you lot play