Bang Face is set to return to its old stomping ground – the Electrowerkz in north London – after a couple of years across the river.

Electrowerkz – well known to Goths and metalheads as the Islington-based venue for the Slimelight club for a couple of decades – was not favoured by those who like their clubs glitzy and squeaky clean. But for most Bang Face Hard Crew, the club’s “down and dirty” demeanour was precisely what they liked about it.

But at one point in the club’s history, even hardcore regulars were becoming a little disgruntled by growing problems with infrastructure (e.g. plumbing) and a sound system that had seen better days, which prompted Bang Face’s foray south of the river.

However, with those problems apparently resolved and a massive refurbishment of the venue’s ground floor now completed, BF founder James ‘Saint Acid’ felt the time was ripe for a return to the legendary ‘Werkz, the club’s spiritual home.

James told Ravetalk: “I’m thrilled to have the chance to hold Bang Face at Electrowerkz again. The recent work at the venue has made it an even more exciting place to lose yourself in.”

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