BANGFACE Weekender is the latest UK party event to have been forced to cancel due to absurd licensing restrictions on sound levels that have made the event unviable.

Bangface published a statement on its Facebook page on Wednesday evening, oubreaking-newstlining that the new levels were “unworkable” as they greatly affected “both volume and critical bass frequencies”.

The statement added: “We simply cannot deliver an event under these restrictions. All ticket holders will be refunded beginning immediately but please be patient whilst we process them all. Massive thanks for all the continued support over what is now 10 years of Bang Face and here’s to many more parties in the future.”

Long-term readers of this website will know that another event much admired here – Glade Festival – also had a roller-coaster history of licensing issues with the authorities, particularly over sound levels at its original site of Wasing Estate in West Berkshire.

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  • RichardsTime says:

    This issue is effecting many events 🙁 Last year’s Global Gathering was also effected by sound restrictions, around many parts of the main stage you could hardly hear a thing and it was because local Nimbys complained to the council and the council then strictly enforced volume levels that were already in place. The festival and music scene is a British success story so I think there strong grounds for complaint about these restrictions. Young people who are already struggling can’t even get out into the great outdoors for some music and fun 🙁