Bristol’s popular alternative music venue, the Black Swan, has won its appeal against closure by the city council’s licensing committee.

The reprieve does have strings attached – the opening hours have been reduced, with all events having to close by 3am. It is thought that the club will appeal against the hours restriction.

Promoter Dan Breakwhore, posting on a Facebook group he set up to fight the closure, said: “After yesterday’s meeting (a long, long one it was) the councilors decided to reopen The Black Swan, ace news I’m sure you’ll agree. Attending was an eye-opener for most involved, myself, the police and the councillors included as we most certainly all came from quite different walks of life. Well done to Sven for speaking from a promoter and a punter’s perspective as without those views being expressed I fear our point of view could well have been excluded.

“Unfortunately, the opening hours have been reduced, the club must close at 3:00 am, though there is probably going to be an appeal against this. Our efforts and support were noted in the meeting several times, we did make a difference, it was taken into account the venue had cultural importance and much love from the local and national community.”

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