BLOC 2012 in London has been closed “due to crowd safety concerns”, according to the organisers, amid reports of disgruntled punters being kettled by police.

In a statement on Bloc’s official Facebook page, organisers said: “By now everyone will have heard that Bloc 2012 was closed due to crowd safety concerns. We are all absolutely devastated that this happened, but the safety of everyone on site was paramount. Given the situation on the ground, we feel that it was the right decision to end the show early. Bloc will not open on Saturday 7th July so please donÒ€ℒt come to the site. Stand by for full information on refunds.”

A claim that ravers were being “kettled” has been flying around Twitter:

However, Ravetalk forumite Magma said: “Just got home after walking from the Pleasure Gardens to Whitechapel to get a taxi! We were in the main tent from Amon Tobin through to the “Snoop isn’t playing” announcement. I can’t say I saw any trouble/stampeding/kettling, but the boat venue was a bit of an accident waiting to happen. Fucked people and steeeeep metal staircases don’t really mix that well, even when we were relatively sober at 6pm it was a bit interesting (cool as FUCK tho)… I’ve no idea, but it sounds like that got shut down first putting pressure on all the other venues, so perhaps someone had an accident.”

On the internet speculation that BLOC had been oversold, Magma said: “That was definitely being talked about beforehand on forums and around the web, but I don’t know on what basis. Obviously, it was the first thing everyone jumped to tonight… I think the main thing was the boat and Ceephax’s waltzers closing tbh. Suddenly they had four venues’ worth of people and only two venues… you can’t only chuck half of them out…”

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  • PaulX says:

    Mark Archer (who was booked to play a set from Ceephax’s waltzers) has posted the following:

    #bloc replacement party: AGT Rave Cru & Placid at GINGLIK tonight, 8pm-4am. Half price entry with a bloc ticket or wristband

  • Sim667 says:

    Gutted, I had tickets to this today πŸ™