Glade Festival has been cancelled.

Official statement follows:

With great sadness we have been forced to cancel the Glade Festival 2010.

When we started back in 2004 we did so out of a love of electronic music, free spiritedness and alternative culture and in response to the vibrant free party scene in the UK. We wanted to have our own version of the kind of colourful, creative and non-corporate events that happen in many places across the planet… Looking back it is amazing that it happened.

As many Glade fans will know over the years we have fought hard to maintain the integrity of the event against steadily increasing restrictions imposed by local authority and police. The resulting compromises have led to increased costs, increased ticket prices and a throttling of the very essence of what we wanted to do. It led to us finally having to move from the lovely Wasing estate due to late night noise restrictions and the police’s demands for an ever-increasing security and police presence at the event.

At our new venue, Matterley Bowl, there has actually been some amazing support from the local council who’s officers recognize the professional and co-operative way we run the event and the contribution to the local area and the country’s cultural diversity. They have worked with us to ensure the Glade is a safe and enjoyable event and openly recognize that we have one of the best event management teams in the country to do this.

However this year the requirements imposed upon us for policing, security and stewarding have been greatly increased. To make matters worse the reluctance of the police to negotiate in advance and deliberately delay any dialogue with us has resulted in our being unable to tie down a final costing for the event. This, along with unexpected legal fees associated with a last minute license review, has radically increased the cost of the festival.

We are an independent, sponsorship free event. The ethos of the Glade is to provide a place where people can safely come and express themselves freely and peacefully, dance and be in the countryside with the music they love without a heavy urban police and security presence. We strive to put on the most diverse and interesting festival we can by spending a large part of the budget on the ambience of the event and by having multiple stages with music from a myriad of both established and up and coming artists, musicians and djs from the many genres of the thriving underground electronic music scene.

Faced with what is already an expensive event to put on and with these unexpected forced increases in security and police costs as well as a level of advanced ticket sales that is below our expectations we have no choice but to do the responsible thing and cancel the event.

We have explored every way we can to keep the event going and, unfortunately, have been unable to find a solution. We have been unable to secure sufficient financial backing and scaling back the event, to a level where we can be confident we could pay all our bills, would mean losing smaller venues and the quirkiness that make up the heart and soul of the festival.

We’d like to send our thanks and love to all musicians, artists, crew and fans that have made the Glade what it was. We appreciate all the support and love over the years. It has been a brilliant trip and there’s been some beautiful moments in time but for now we can’t go on. We hope that this is not the end of the story and we will continue to strive to create a genuine grass roots, community based, control free, true spirited dance festival in the UK.

To all those who have bought tickets to this years event, please go to the point of purchase to claim back a refund.

If you have bought your tickets from Ticketline, either directly or by buying tickets on Glade’s website, please contact Ticketline’s customer services by email at or by phone on 0844 888 4409 who will refund you for the face value of your the ticket. Booking fees will be retained as an admin fee.

We are in talks with other festivals that we feel you will be interested in as Glade festival goers about the possibility of swapping your ticket for another festival at a discounted rate. We will be in touch [say when], so please wait til then before applying for your refund

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  • Ruth says:

    this year was to be my first proper outing to Glade, not working it just enjoying the fun, so gutted!

  • Sam says:

    FML. Utterly gutted 🙁 🙁

  • Denny says:

    I wasn’t planning on going this year, but that’s still a real shame. It seems that the police are leaning on lots of medium-size events like this now… must make their lives a lot simpler if nobody has any fun.

  • Alan says:

    I’ve been to every Glade Festival and never seen any violence or need for the police to even be there…

    Seems blatant to me that the government and ergo the police hate independence and freedom.

  • Dave says:

    Yep, never seen or heard of any trouble either. So so so gutted! 🙁

  • xerode says:

    Last year was my first Glade and I absolutely loved it. I’m really hoping this isn’t the end of the festival as I had way to much fun for it to be my last.

  • tek says:

    Gutting 🙁

  • Adam Kozwalski says:

    The best festival in the UK never a problem (apart from the odd heavy shower) but so many good people and good vibes its going to be missed 🙁

  • Nabser says:

    Sad for all the people who have put so much in to organizing the festival and have to cancel at this late stage. To run a festival like this you have to love it – so much time and effort goes in for not much financial reward.

    They must be more gutted than anyone – Fair shout guys there’s so much financial risk in festivals and this year is especially scary now. Best to take a year off and come back stronger next year rather than go under. Brave, sad and wise decision – best of luck to you – may the Glade continue for future years.

  • mammatx says:

    absolutely gutted. my favourite festival. I hope it’s not the end.

  • Paul Holmes says:

    Very sad. Best wishes to Nick & Luke. Hope it’s not the end.

  • fig roll says:

    thay dont call them pigs for nothing : )

  • Spiral Revival says:

    We have to take back our freedom, we’ve tried doing it legally now lets get back to doing it wherever and whenever we like. WE CAN ORGANIZE PARTIES WITHOUT POLICE PERMISSION AGAIN, who remembers Spiral Tribes FREE parties?!

  • kerry says:

    Sad to see it going.
    End of an era.
    Can we please have some Techno and Breakcore at Glastonbury now?

  • astaran says:

    Its a sign of the direction the UK is going in when people talk of reviving illegal raves as the alternative to organised, safe events like Glade.

    The police have been irresponsible in this respect and are causing tension and driving the alternative culture back underground because they want to oversee every single person and remove any fear of them being seen as responsible should something go wrong.

    I hope Glade fight their corner next year and that events like this continue to be arranged.

  • pipossibility says:

    I’ve been to every Glade – it’s not just Glade, last year Big Green Gathering and others. Is anyone getting together to make a peaceful noise? If so I’m happy to join with you.

  • Grimey Rob says:

    Typical Police extortion. Pay or run the risk of an illegal event and the likely kicking by the force and all your gear smashed and crushed. I prefer legal events with refreshments, toilets and bins and St Johns Ambulance etc.

    It’s just a continuation of the 1992 Criminal Justice Act. I’ve never been to Glade but events like it are part of the culture and I wil never understand why the government has a problem with it. Don’t we deserve some fun after all the shit the policians and Bankers have put us through?

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