There are already 436 signatures (at the time of writing) on our Turn It Up petition. Not bad going for a small website in its quiet season. There are also 185 on the more ‘official’ Downing Street petition.

That may not be a huge number – but you should see just how small and unrepresentative “the other side” really are. Check out how many signatures this one to keep festivals limited to 80dB got. 🙂

Petitions in themselves are not usually enough to win a campaign, even though our cause is just – it is clearly not right that the views of just one NIMBY type can outweigh the views of the majority of residents in the area of a particular event. That is why I believe this is a winnable cause, but only if we keep the pressure up. We need people to write to their MPs, to their local newspapers and so on. Please read the How You Can Help page for pointers on the next stage of the campaign. Thanks.

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