Festivals on a budget

April 16, 2008

Money is getting tighter this year for many people, what with rising food bills, utility bills, interest rates, tax etc. So not surprisingly, even many seasoned festival veterans are starting to feel the pinch.

But instead of being a mug punter, why not become a steward and have your ticket paid, get some free meals, secure camping, make new friends and see a side of festivals that you don’t normally see?

Virtually everyone who has been a festival steward, especially at The Glade, says they enjoyed the experience. As someone put it in our stewarding thread on the forum:

I can’t stress enough how much fun it is, you normally get split up into squads of about half a dozen, your all stewards so you instantly have something in common to talk about, and if your a social person it’s really easy to bond with people. Normally a steward will get told to monitor certain sections of the festival, so you get quite a lot of freedom to roam about and chat to people (wheter your in a tent or a field). Thats the main roll of a steward, to make sure that people are having a good time. It’s amazing how positive people are towards you when your wearing your fluorescent jacket, I’ve had cups of tea bought for me, free smokes, hugs, endless thank you’s (as if i’m the one organsing the festi -  I literally do nothing), special deals from the food stalls. Basically dude tell your mate to go for it, best decision I ever made.

See also our Jobs at Glade thread for more details on working your way through the festivals, including bar work and litter picking. 🙂

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