Is anyone left?

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Is anyone left?

Postby NewGuyNewWorld » 20 May 2016, 20:21

I just found this place and it seems really lively and the people seem chill, but then I saw that people were posting years ago and there's no activity.

This is a random debate, discussion, chit chattery thing, I think. So, I ask you, if any of you are still here.
What happened?
The scenes gone so deep underground it seems to of lost it's togetherness, it's gone from love, drugs, and a pig riding to sex, drugs, and fights.

Where you all at? I miss you, already.
Newbie - please be gentle
Newbie - please be gentle
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Re: Is anyone left?

Postby PaulX » 11 Dec 2016, 10:53

Sorry, mate, people abandoned here long ago and moved on to social media, as you might have gathered. I've only just picked up this post myself. :D

Somebody had suggested making this place more like a modern social media platform, and had suggested we try to crowdfund money to pay some developers to do that, but nothing really happened. It's also an uphill struggle to drive traffic to a website like this now that e-commerce sites have entire teams of people who are employed to get their employers' websites to the top of search results.

It's sad, but it's just the way of things now.

But anyway, thanks for starting the topic and let's see if anyone bites. ;)
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