Bouncer's rights when searching.

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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby faix » 22 Jan 2010, 19:56

Beatmonkey wrote:
How many times per day does your boyfriend talk to his mum? Was this his first choice of night out or would he rather have been at the Elton John gig down the road??

Not often, I'm guessing it's daily for you though as you still an'it managed to get out ya mums basement.
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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby acid » 22 Jan 2010, 21:43

faix wrote:
Not often, I'm guessing it's daily for you though as you still an'it managed to get out ya mums basement.

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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby Beatmonkey » 23 Jan 2010, 17:10

faix wrote:
Not often, I'm guessing it's daily for you though as you still an'it managed to get out ya mums basement.

;) Sorry for my overly aggressive replys. Just being strip searched by the police tends to put a bit of a pat down on your way into a club into perspective!
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Too tight to get five stars ;-)
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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby faix » 24 Jan 2010, 21:57

tbf, it's me complaining not him. though he was a bit annoyed at the time.
i'm a woman i just like something to moan about ;)
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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby chenbot » 09 Feb 2010, 23:18

djdoublezero wrote:made me laugh! actual bouncers exam (specimen questions) :P


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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby muppet » 10 Feb 2010, 01:19

Absolutely priceless! Then again, this is for people who failed the police entrance exams. :D

1 What must a door supervisor do to comply with the Private Security Act and the
Licensing Act 2003?
A Be licensed by the licensing authority
B Be licensed by the Security Industry Authority
C Register with the local council’s door supervisor department
D Register with the local police authority

2 The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure that:
A All cash on the premises is safe
B All customers are safe
C The premises are always full
D The premises attracts female customers

3 Which of these is an important quality for a door supervisor?
A Being able to speak more than one language
B Being physically big and strong
C Having a forceful and aggressive manner
D Having a polite and professional manner

4 A door supervisor should wear clothing which:
A Ensures that customers are afraid of him
B Identifies him as a door supervisor
C Is comfortable and loose fitting
D Suits the theme of the premises

5 Why has a Code of Behaviour for door supervisors been produced?
A To improve communication with the local authority
B To improve working relations with the police
C To review the conduct of customers
D To set national standards of conduct

6 Under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, what must a person have to be able to
work as a door supervisor?
A A licence to practice
B Annual fire safety training
C Annual health and safety training
D At least 12 months experience in the industry

7 Which of these are the two main types of law in England and Wales?
A Absolute law and Active Law
B Criminal law and Civil Law
C Hard law and Soft law
D Real law and Virtual law

8 When evicting a customer, a door supervisor must ensure that he:
A Gets other customers to help him
B Has no witnesses to the eviction
C Has received martial art self defence training
D Only uses reasonable and necessary force

9 In order to prevent crime and disorder in an area, senior police officers can:
A Apply for an order to close all licensed premises in the area
B Change all personal licence holders in the area
C Insist that all door supervisors in the area are retrained
D Stop all licensed premises from selling alcohol

10 What should a door supervisor do if he wants to search a customer’s bag?
A Ask the customer to empty the contents
B Open the bag and look inside
C Remove them himself by hand
D Tip the contents out over the floor

11 A door supervisor deciding to search a person because he is a known drug dealer is an
example of a:
A General search
B Occasional search
C Random search
D Specific search

12 Licensed premises should be checked before they open to ensure that:
A All staff members are dressed in the correct uniform
B All furniture is correctly laid out
C It is clean and tidy in the public areas of the premises
D It is safe for customers to enter

13 An offensive weapon is any object that:
A Can only be used after special training
B Can only be used at close range
C Is used, made or adapted to cause injury
D Is used to kill large numbers of people

14 The arrest of a person by a door supervisor is a serious matter because:
A It is an offence for them to do this
B It is the designated premises supervisor’s responsibility
C It takes away that person’s freedom
D It takes the job away from the police

15 Following the arrest of a person in licensed premises, a door supervisor must:
A Ask to take leave from his work until the court hearing
B Explain to the police why he arrested the person
C Get a signed statement from the person arrested
D Interview all witnesses to the offence

16 Which of these is an indictable offence on licensed premises?
A Arson
B Being drunk
C Falling asleep
D Possession of GHB

17 Which of these can be a sign that a person has misused controlled drugs?
A Calm emotions
B Clear speech
C Non-stop dancing
D Rational thinking

18 Which of these may not be a sign of possible drug dealing in licensed premises?
A A person who is very popular with a wide range of people
B A person who makes regular trips to the toilet with different people
C A person who often only stays for a short time and does not buy a drink
D A person who spends a lot of time in the premises with the same group

19 Which of these is classed as a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act?
A Aspirin
B Ecstasy
C Ibuprofen
D Paracetemol

20 To reduce the chance of becoming infected when handling drug litter a door supervisor
A Wash his hand after touching the drug litter
B Wash his hands before touching the drug litter
C Wear needle proof gloves
D Wear water proof gloves

21 What should a door supervisor do if a customer is found be in possession of controlled
A Keep the drugs himself and sell them to other customers
B Put the drugs in the bin and evict the customer
C Seize the drugs, arrest the customer and call the police
D Tell the customer off but let him keep the drugs

22 Which of these is one of the main reasons for a door supervisor to record incidents?
A It may be used as evidence by the police or in court
B It shows that he is doing his job better than others
C The more incidents he records, the better his pay rise will be
D The less incidents he records, the better the premises will look

23 If a door supervisor has to use force to evict a customer, where should he record the
A In his personal diary at home
B In the security incident logbook
C On his computer at home
D On the staff notice board

24 What type of evidence is a written witness statement classed as?
A Conditional evidence
B Permanent evidence
C Real evidence
D True evidence

25 At the scene of a serious incident in licensed premises, a door supervisor should make
sure that:
A All the evidence is sealed and recorded in alphabetical order
B Broken glass and other items that may harm people are cleared away
C Everyone present at the time of the incident stays exactly where they are
D No one tampers with the evidence relating to the incident

26 If a known drug dealer wants to enter a licensed premises, the door supervisor on duty
A Allow him to enter the premises
B Double the admission charge for the premises
C Only let him enter the premises if it is quiet
D Refuse him entry to the premises

27 What is the minimum age at which a person can be legally be sold alcohol in licensed
A 15
B 16
C 17
D 18

28 If there is disorder at a certain licensed premises, a police officer can close the
premises for up to:
A 24 hours
B 48 hours
C 72 hours
D 96 hours

29 Who is a premises licence granted by?
A The Crown Court
B The licensing authority
C The licensed premises authority
D The Magistrates’ Court

30 A person can not be refused entry to licensed premises because he is:
A Behaving in an aggressive way
B Drunk
C Male
D Under the influence of controlled drugs

31 If a door supervisor refuses a person entry because he is blind, which law would be
A The Blind Person’s Protection Act
B The Disability Discrimination Act
C The Race Relations Act
D The Sex Discrimination Act

32 When should accidents at work be recorded in the accident book?
A As soon as possible
B As soon as the injured person is back at work
C Within 4 weeks of the accident
D Within 72 hours if the injured person goes to hospital

33 The Health and Safety at Work Act states that premises should be:
A Clean and safe
B Inspected for damp every 3 months
C Inspected for noise escape every 3 months
D Tidy and stylish

34 What is not a typical hazard faced by door supervisors in licensed premises?
A Being cut by broken glass
B Drunk customers
C Health and safety training
D Slipping on spilt drinks

35 What colour are the safety signs that warn of possible danger?
A Blue
B Green
C Red
D Yellow

36 If a door supervisor discovers a serious fire in licensed premises, he should treat the
situation as:
A A chance to test his skills
B A false alarm
C A low risk
D An emergency

37 Licensed premises have permitted capacity limits to make sure that the:
A Licensing authority charge the correct fee for the premises licence
B Local police know which premises to target for test purchasing
C Premises are safe and can be evacuated easily
D Premises has enough room for customers to dance

38 What are the three parts of the triangle of fire?
A Air, flames and fumes
B Fuel, oxygen and heat
C Gas, water and dust
D Smoke, nitrogen and liquid

39 If a door supervisor finds what he believes to be a bomb on licensed premises, what is
the main priority?
A The alcohol on the premises
B The cash in the tills and managers safe
C The furniture on the premises
D The lives of the staff and customers

40 Before giving first aid to an injured person, it is important that a door supervisor:
A Is trained
B Uses anesthetic
C Washes his hands
D Wears goggles
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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby PUPPA_PIG » 16 May 2015, 05:08

Im A Doorman in Croydon... from what i have been taught searches by law have to be done in a respectful and dignified way. we are NOT allowed to search inside clothing. Pockets are fine. We are also legally aloud with your permission to search inside wallets. i get a fair few people complain about this but it has to be done i have found so many wraps of cocaine from lazy people who have not bothered to hide it well enough, which i hate because it means i have to hold them for the police which is the worst part of my job i hate nicking people! hide your shit in your boxers! also i belief the reason you and your girl mates were not searched may be due to the fact males can only search males females can only search females. how ever males with permission can search inside your bag and any think inside your bag. touching of genitals is a NO NO! but it happens there is no point making a big deal about it wen it happens the searches are done for your safety at the end of the day. You are entering some ones private property its like entering someones home so take a search with a pinch of salt. most doorman are moody because of the amount of shit we get refusing dickheads entry and taking shit from them. again doing this for your safety so don't take any interaction personally its hard to be jolly all night long doing this job
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Newbie - please be gentle
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Re: Bouncer's rights when searching.

Postby MikelLao » 25 May 2017, 07:02

lahmjpowder wrote:Yea I've always wondered this aswell... Last Bangface the geezer on the door was properly going through all my pockets, going through my wallet, even flicking through the christmas cards I wrote out. I left my grinder in my pocket aswell and he confiscated it, I asked him if i could get it back at the end of the night and he said yea, when I found him at the end of the night he told me he'd thrown it in the bin...Surley he's not within his rights to throw away my possessions?

No he shouldn't do that but then what can you do? Can't exactly go to the police about it and bouncers know this.
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