GDPR and how it affects you

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GDPR and how it affects you

Postby PaulX » 25 May 2018, 15:34

As you're probably aware if you even get to read this - Ravetalk dropped out of activity several years ago and the plans to bring the site back as a more Facebook-like entity never happened.

In fact registrations for new forum users have been closed for a long time, as all we were getting were spammers and people wanting to sell/promote something.

The site is only preserved for archive purposes now, and we don't give your data away to third parties and aren't even taking new registrations, GDPR is unlikely to affect us anyway as far as I'm aware. However, a privacy policy page has been created on the main site at

If you have any concerns, please do contact the admin via the Contact page (it's on the dropdown menu below "About").

Thank you.
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