How was your Glade?

Glade Festival is Britain's biggest and best non-corporate electronic dance music festival, with a proper havin' it vibe. Now based at a stately home in Norfolk.

Re: How was your Glade?

Postby PaulX » 07 Jul 2011, 23:04

Beatmonkey wrote:
PaulX wrote:]

Strange, as people on site were saying a three-year deal had already been made, but there you go. :P

Even a three year deal would have a get out clause for the landowner.

Sure, but we had info from our mole ;) three weeks ago that his lordship was happy with the way things went. But even if the current announcement means there has now been an actual contract drawn up and that previously it was just a kind of verbal understanding, it would still undoubtedly have some get-out clauses. Still, if it's all official, then it's good news anyway. :)
Top one. Nice one. Get sorted.
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Re: How was your Glade?

Postby djdoublezero » 08 Jul 2011, 11:31

Think D&B nights are being a bit unfairly represented on this thread TBH. It's always dismissed as 'chav' music much as techno/jungle/hardcore were originally. Despite the fact that the the most moody nights are always garage/uk funky/uk minimal.

D&B nights usually have a very mixed (race, class and sex) crowd and that's a proper win in my book.

I cut my DJing teeth at several D&B nights in the 90s and it taught me alot and my most ardent supporters were proper D&B/Jungle headz (as well as free party ravers) so I have alot of respect for them.

Yes I have seen the odd fight but then I've seen (and experienced) much worse moodiness elsewhere to be honest, for instance at Bang Face.

I am mainly talking about London based nights though so maybe it's different elsewhere. :?

Rant over

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