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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby MN3205 » 20 Jun 2012, 12:27

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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby Jake Burns » 20 Jun 2012, 12:50

MN3205 wrote:HMMMM

Id think long & hard about the obvious consequences for next year if you do!
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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby gluebeg » 20 Jun 2012, 13:00

Searches weren't too bad at all. I got sniffed and the dog sat down. "Have you got anything on you that you shouldn't have?" "No!" "Well the dog thinks other wise. Follow me"

Was kind of shitting it a little at that point. The bag I had with me has been at a few parties. Got a good check before I left and also got through airport security no problem.

Got into the blue tent and was told everything was being recorded by CCTV. The security guys were pretty sound. Talked to me about Ireland and places they'd stayed. Pat down search, shoes searched, socks searched and boxer waist band searched. They took a look through 1 bag but didn't even bother with the other much bigger bag. Told me to enjoy and off I went.

Didn't have any issues with security all weekend, and didn't see any bother either.
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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby pbasonuk » 20 Jun 2012, 18:08

I got stopped outside one of the bars on Saturday night by a pretty mean Security guy all in black, they were pretty rare ones to see. He asked me for my ID, I told him I didnt have it on me as i didnt want to lose it, He said that I had 'been pointed out to him'. He didnt believe who I said I was and then I was surrounded by about 4 or 5 other security guys, They searched me but they didnt see me carefully pull my happy dust from my back pocket and slip it in my pants!

He then apologised and said they had the wrong person. That did dampen my spirits for about an hour until I went to see Sven play and all was forgotten.

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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby baldmosher » 20 Jun 2012, 18:30

What on earth did they want your ID for, age? Thought they were asking for that on the gates? Apologising after putting you on edge is a bit shit, but then I've had that sort of thing from security everywhere, not least the guy at BFW who sternly pulled me to one side for a chat, I shit myself as I thought CunningStunt who'd gone to the toilets to throw up must be in trouble, but he first seemed a bit surprised that I wasn't Belgian, and told me if I was, I'd been spotted selling drugs. :D

Gate searches were very thorough but staff all very cheerful, and EVERYONE went past the sniffer dog, and they pulled a few, so nobody could say it wasn't a genuine dog (the brown lab was easily distracted though, so I guess there was a lot on the wind). The guy in the far left queue was the one I shouted "call that a search" to last year when my mate was being searched, so that brought back funny memories but I didn't remind him. The woman to his left was searching every single bag v..e..r...y...s..l...o..w..l..y... took half an hour to search 5 people, and then finally got to us, and at the last second, told CunningStunt she couldn't take in her "professional" £80 DSLR, thus making her queue up all over again. :( We found out why later, policy seems fair enough, but you can't stop people taking photos, and a 7Mpel DSLR with a standard 55-80mm lens is hardly "professional". A prominent sign on the gates (or publicising it better please) would have helped alleviate the only moment of stress that we had over the entire weekend.

Inside, I only ever saw "security & safety" wandering around on patrol, or stood chatting about how everyone was so friendly (particularly on Sunday); saw one jacket being led to a reveller's tent, neither of them looked happy, both looked in a hurry, so I dunno if it was an enforced search or just a reported theft. Hardly heard of any fence jumpers, didn't see one, and not many thefts either compared to previous years (Matterly was by far the worst for brazen thefts).
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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby siani » 20 Jun 2012, 18:49

Sterny wrote:If you put a large inflatable butt plug at the top of your bag their unlikely to want to delve any deeper!

one year, me and Gib packed our bags while a bit wrecked, and included everything we thought seemed like a good idea. we got pulled in for the detailed bag search...

security: uh. what's this?
me: very large foam hammer.
security: this?
me: dog beer. it squeaks!
security: and this?
me: squeaky beaver. his name is WINDSOCK!
security (pointing): uuuh...
me: decorative wasp!

they were basically laughing too hard to finish searching before they even got down to clothes.
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Re: Searches / Camping area

Postby sim667 » 22 Jun 2012, 13:27

I saw one lot in a camper get properly done, but in all fairness they had rum in bottles and knives and looked proper scallyish........

The guy in the camper in front of me had all of his bottle rum taken off him. When it came to our turn, the passenger with me had worked with those security guards at the gate at secret garden party for a couple of shifts last year, and they remembered her, then realising the 2 in the back were americans who I'd literally just picked up from luton airport, they had a quick glance in the boot, and waved us on through.
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