Stupid licence restrictions - let's do something!

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Re: Stupid licence restrictions - let's do something!

Postby Moronik » 22 Aug 2013, 16:31

Personally I think it is pointless to try to 'save' these festivals in the current climate.

This country is determined to suffocate and oppress musical culture, despite waxing lyrical about how it wishes to do the exact opposite. London has lost loads of its live music venues, while at the same time trying to actually get a club night going is incredibly difficult because of the restrictions imposed on venue owners.

In my experience small festivals only happen because some hard-working entrepenaur meets up with a symapthetic council offical and get something done. Unfortunately this meeting of minds does have a shelf-life, and to expect the festival to continue year after year is just unrealistic.

It absolutely sucks mightily that YET ANOTHER UK festival has had to cancel, but to be honest, there has been a glut of festivals. Some WILL fall by the wayside, and unfortunately they will be the ones which are less mainstream.

Dance music has always been viewed with suspicion by the authorities in the UK, so I'm not surprised the electronic festivals are getting closed down.

Bear in mind the UK has been responsible for so much electronic music which has literally gone global, and yet the support and due recognition from our government is practically non-existant. There was so much patriotism during the olympics, why cant we have some for the electronic music that is created here?
The UK created drum and bass, it created dubstep. These are UK products that are massive, and that ought to get some aknowledgment, like any other industry.

Its strange to see that in America, big money is being made, literally hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on EDM raves. I wish councils would take a look!

Personally i dont think until this attitude is removed, the UK will ever have dance music festivals that thrive. I guess its a slow process, and perhaps for the next generation who will have grown up on electronic music it will be a no-brainer.

Until then, maybe doublezero's suggestion of simply complaining about every public activity is the way forward. I think only when this country is completely paralysed by red-tape, finally common-sense will prevail and the state will stop nannying us. So someone complains... so what? Lets complain at every football match, at every little singing child in a shopping centre.

Sorry for ranting, and the inevitable factual errors.
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Re: Stupid licence restrictions - let's do something!

Postby pesh » 22 Aug 2013, 17:46

djdoublezero wrote:
Course Glasto/Bestival have deaths and no-one really complains cos they are 'good' festivals.

or because they're torys. the jury is still out on that one. ... lastonbury
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Re: Stupid licence restrictions - let's do something!

Postby tartanhandbag » 26 Oct 2013, 13:15

lol, "because they're tories" is a good call.

i wouldn't worry about any one particular tactic being paramount and i wouldnt worry about the name too much. as the movement gains momentum you can change the name by bring the IMBY banner into the fold with a larger umbrella organisation that u set up with a more "friendly" name. u just need to get the info out there first through all the social networking and media both mainstream and indi and then people will contribute in whichever way they can (it's virtually impossible to convince people to write letter if they don't want to). first u need to just start a buzz around it. people need to know that it's happening (obviously most of us have multiple personal experiences about noise levels and our fave pubs clubs and raves closing, but not everyone is tuned into local politics or are "actively contributing members" of the community like peeps on ravetalk).

i would say most importantly is to spread the info - get a media group together who can dedicate some time to making sure there is a "first big push" to get all the info out there to the other organisations who would want to get involved - get a website done, even if it's not perfect - get some flyers done - have them up on the net for promoters and ravers to download and print - bash them out at every fucking rave possible so peeps catch wind and have a link into the "growing resistance" that we would like to see - offer templates for letters that can be sent - get a petition set up - bash it out to every email list going - run a solidarity party or two to get some money in to act as a pot for basic costs.

these are my contributions...
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Re: Stupid licence restrictions - let's do something!

Postby sim667 » 29 Oct 2013, 15:40

Lots of great ideas..... anyone wanna take a lead?
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Re: Stupid licence restrictions - let's do something!

Postby RichardsTime » 17 Jan 2014, 21:02

Well the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester is now in the firing line after 23 years of business, one local resident who has recently moved into a flat close the venue has filed a complaint and now that venue faces closure! :(

Please sign their petition and if you live in Manchester you can obviously do a lot more than than that by contacting councillors and local MPs.

Manchester City Council: to remove our Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notice - Petition

Also the Ministry of Sound is having a similar problem with a housing development that is being planned right next to the venue, they are quite right to assume that the people living in those flats will complain about the club and that the council will side with the residents.
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