The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Glade Festival is Britain's biggest and best non-corporate electronic dance music festival, with a proper havin' it vibe. Now based at a stately home in Norfolk.

How was Glade 2009 for you?

Epic Win - couldn't really be bettered
Awesome - I had a wicked time but there's room for improvements (please specify)
Epic Fail (please say why)
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The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby PaulX » 18 Jul 2009, 13:01

So how was it for you?

What was good, what was bad, what should change for next year?
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby Narcose » 20 Jul 2009, 10:18

Hope this doesn't sound negative as it's not meant to be - just thought I'd point out the few things that could improve to make it perfect!

Saturday night was incredible, Moderat were absolutely bloody amazing! I thought they might be quite good, but not my favourite - the music, especially towards the end of the set with this breaks tune and THE techno tune second from last was superb. But it was the visuals which really made them stand out above anything else Iv'e seen! Pretty much every act we saw was amazing on the Saturday, Tristan, OOOD Live, Spoonbill, Slackbaba, Jim Masters were all really really good. Even Disco of Doom who I knew nothing about were pretty good.

Friday night was good – Mood Deluxe, Bookashade, Khainz and Hibernation all very good but I thought the Timo Maas thing went on for way too long and didnt' do a lot. No-one was as good as we saw on the Saturday.

Didn’t see that much of the Sunday as had to get home, but was only really interested in seeing Plaid and maybe Earthling to be honest.

As for the sound quality, generally it was superb, there are just two negative things:
- Plump Djs sound wasn't great, quite quiet and muffled - not sure if it was like that in that tent all the time as it put me off
- Soudn in the psy tent about 1.30am on Sunday morning was way too loud for such a small room - wouldn't noramlly complain, but it left my ears ringing for a whole day after only being in there for 15 minutes (unfortunately I didn't have any earplugs on me which is obviously my fault)

The only other thing I would say is I find the set times are sometimes a bit dissappointing - the Sunday set is always really good, but that's day 3, so you're feeling slightly jaded by then (well I am anyway) so would have preferred some of the acts like Plaid to be moved onto the Friday. It was the same last year I didn't really like anything on the Saturday night apart from Elite Force. And there always seems to be someone who I really want to see at midday on the Saturday which is never a good time. Last year OTT, this year Nagual Soundsystem. I always think it's obvious who the best acts are like them, and there are some obvious not so good ones who could play at that time instead, but that's just my taste in music, and if other people disagree (which they probably will) then I guess it’s my problem rather than Glade’s.

Site wise, I wasn’t so sure about the layout when we got there, slightly preferred the less symmetrical layout and the on-site trees of Wasing, but actually thought the Matterley bowl worked out really well especially once it got dark! The inspiral tent in particular was vastly improved, both layout and music wise. And the Vapor tent was wicked.

So thats it for me, all in all the Saturday in particular was so good that it made it the best Glade for a few years! Excellent work!
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby Sawyer » 20 Jul 2009, 10:55


Overkill and Boomtown tent, made more sense to have 2 arena's playing similar harder styles. perfect!

Size of the venue - Seemed smaller than last year but seemed to be more interesting things there!

Stages - Some of them were amazing, including the one which had fire coming out the top, impressive.

Lineup and Dj's - Wicked, everyone I heard played a blinder and the acts I didn't know I enjoyed also.

The vibe - plenty of sound friendly people.

The Security, friendly, helpful and professional! Even letting me use their van to charge my mobile as my car had broken down! :)


Dubstep overkill! Seemed to be the flavour of the festival but sometimes seemed hard to escape it, and this is coming from a big fan of dubstep.

The stealing pikeys

Sound systems - sounded fantastic in the day but at night I could talk to my friend easy. Apprantly it was going to be much louder this year, load of rubbish!

The distance between the car park and the festival, what a mission!!!

Bar Prices - seemed to have shot up from £3 last year to £3.80, far too much in my opinion. 80p in one year? What a joke!
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby snake » 20 Jul 2009, 13:05

Arcadia :d
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby robertowaldhinio » 20 Jul 2009, 14:37

Absolutely incredible!!!

First Glade for me so I can't compare it to anything except Glastonbury and all I can say is Wow! So so much thought went into every element of the festival, from the sound quality - which I thought was excellent throughout, to the set times, the lay out, etc etc. It blew me and my friends away from Thursday afternoon to Sunday night. The thought that went into it at a new site is pretty ridiculous and I have no complaints whatsoever. Except that its all over! Surely it can be made bi-annual :p

Thankyou Glade and all you lovely people who were constantly up for it and always smiling :)

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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby technograndad » 20 Jul 2009, 14:57

This'll be another one of those "I don't mean to be negative, but.." posts, because I did have a great time, but...

I had worries about the move to the Mattingley Bowl because of some of the Homelands events I've been to there in the past; it's potentially a great site but let down by the (inevitable?) positioning of the tents, meaning you have to dance up-hill in some arenas. I've never got on with that, and we were a bit spoiled by the near perfect layout of the Wasing site. There's plenty of flat ground up in the middle of the site but that's where most of the bars and food vendors are. Would it be feasible to swap that around a bit?

Humping gear from the car-park up that hill was unwelcome too, I was jealous of those with crew passes able to stroll in on the flat.

I had trouble finding water anywhere near where I was camped (between the entrance and the camper vans) and it was a bit of a trek to the nearest loos.

A few tents near me got robbed on Thursday night, a young lass close by lost £100 and although we persuaded her to stay for the first day she was simply too freaked out at the prospect a repeat visit that she went home. A real shame. The fence had been unbolted, the thieves simply undoing the nut which had stupidly been done up back-to-front (on the wrong side). Security promised to have it fixed but never did. I did see patrols by them the next night though, and in the main I'd say they did a reasonable job, being friendly and largely unobtrusive.

Music-wise, I would have liked a bit more techno / house choices in the daytime. I'm fairly keen on breaks, dubstep and d+b but there was a bit too much of it this year. I'd have liked the Vapour stage opened in the afternoon (as it was for the d+b on Sunday!). I'm not expecting big name people but surely there are enough bedroom or up-and-coming DJs who'd have loved the chance of a set.

On the positive side, Vapour was fabulous - big, loud and clear. Digital Mystikz dubstep "wobble" sounded incredible in there and Carl Craig's set was just epic :) The main Glade stage worked well in that space, with enough space around the canopy to allow a big audience. Underworld did it justice of course, a great ending.

Oh yes of course - the outdoor Arcadia rig was excellent! It reminded me of old all-night raving days, late and loud. Which was the real benefit of moving to Winchester, and I have to say was a huge improvement. Coming out of Vapour at 6am is how it should be :)

At times I was reminded of both Homelands and Tribal Gathering - which is a compliment - but of course for a whole weekend instead of one day. BTW nice one for opening the Breaks tent for a few hours on Thursday night, it rocked.

That's 6 Glades I've been to and loved all of them to varying degrees. In the early days it was an absolute that I'd be back the next year (remember the year when the staff stood at the exit gate on the Monday, applauding each car on the way out?). Right now I'm not sure, there's a little bit of the magic has gone, for me anyway. We'll see though :)
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby soundclash » 20 Jul 2009, 15:52

Just got back......

Overall a wicked weekend, better sound, quality Dj's and although it took me a while to get used to the site i think it worked....apart from one thing!........
When i paid £45+ for my campervan ticket i fully expected to within the festival and have showers etc etc available. When we arrived on Friday we were told that the campervan field was full!!! and were parked in the overfill carpark outside the perimeter of the Festival! Not only was it a long uphill trek to the site everytime but we had to go through the main gates with tickets and passouts and checks every f**kin time!!! We had no facilties nearby, what a con. Would like my money back on my campervan ticket as they 100% didnt fulfill their side of the deal. Been to all of the Glades and though the festy was great the organisation of wristbands and spaces was terrible. Gave us all a bitter taste off being ripped off as soon as we arrived :(
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby stir » 20 Jul 2009, 15:54

the sound last year put me off going back,
glad to see the new venue has worked.

the overflow camping looked like it was a long way away, but i suppose some folks appreciate being able to sleep

food and drink are getting pricey, yeah yeah, "in these trying economic times" and all that.

back next year.
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby phletch » 20 Jul 2009, 18:22

was a blinder.initially i thought site wasnt as good but after the mud on sat night (sliding about in my trainers) i was well impressed how it'd all gone come sunday lunch.the much claimed drainage seemed to be on sound issues at all, full boom from funktion 1 most of the time. :D

music highlights for me: starkey,king cannibal,channel 1 sound system,moderat (awesome visuals too) carl craig smashed it !,radioactive man,booka shade, squarepusher with the awesome live drummer . . .especially loved adultnapper in the mulletover arena . .best house ive heard in years, couldnt stop dancing . . .

yeh, 3.80 for a pint was tight on the wallet, bit of a steep rise for a year . .no Guinness in main arena either :( (oddly enough was in the backstage bar ?)

wasnt loving the walk from crew camping too much, security was bit lax in my eyes , often saw our enclosure open access to anyone walking past entering or leaving the festival . . wouldve been nice to have crew catering near the crew camping like wasing was . .

arcadia was great addition too, sword swallower was impressive . .

we take it for granted BUT great crowd, no tossers or attitude really, few people seem to just push there way through crowds aggressively but in essence all there for a darn good party !

fair play to all involved in running a top 3 day fest . . impressed how organised it was.....

oh and bogs werent anywhere near as nasty as previous years ! result
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Re: The Glade 2009 feedback thread

Postby Smiffy1001 » 20 Jul 2009, 18:33

Just woken up after a decent few hours sleep!

I thought the whole festival was amazing. We got there on Thursday night which was a first for me as usually get there on the Friday morning. Was a good warm up in the breaks tent (I think). Everything was well coordinated and went to plan as far as i could see. Loved all the daytime music on in the Liquid and Origin stages and, as usual, crowd were awesome.

Can't wait for the next Glade.....and for 'post-glade blues' to be over too...


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