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Re: How was the festival for you all?

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2012, 23:11
by Harry333
cant believe I missed an impromptu squire set..... and shitmat.... now youve made me all sad fotza :(

I feel the same about Dillinja too, hes been a pretty poor producer and DJ of late but absolutely destroyed Overkill on Saturday night, now hes got Traktor to do the beatmatching for him :D

Re: How was the festival for you all?

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2012, 20:42
by RebelINS
That Phatworld set in the Punch bar was a bit of a disaster from what I heard. We were sittin there waitin for a while then before they even arrived the music got shut down in the tent / bar thing cus they didnt have a license for it apparantly, the guys came down anyway, spoke to them and we left. They got on for a while apparantly for what was said to be a stop / start gig, with the music being stopped and people being asked to stop dancing or calm down or something along those lines. Its fuckin bassline for cryin out loud ! :?

Re: How was the festival for you all?

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2012, 18:28
by gluebeg
This was took just before the big storm on Friday:

I'd Paul Elstak - Rainbow in the Sky lined up next haha.

Ballix was acted. :D

Re: How was the festival for you all?

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2012, 17:57
by bdbamford
one of best glades i have been to :D

i went by myself and ended getting a festivalcoach there. the driver was brillant and i ended up camping with the jungle syndicate bristol crew who were all very welcoming.

met some mates who i havent seen in ages and spent most of weekend stomping with them :D

i spent most of the daytime of the weekend at origin and ended missing lots of acts that i wanted to see. but to be honest i could not get care as i was enjoying it way too much :D

security and police were great and special mention goes to origin security guard was provided lots of hilarity.

atomic drop, hedflux, monkeylogic and nuerodriver were all brillant friday night.

remarc was quiet :( but was good as i was very tired from stomping at liquid

meteror was perhaps best sounding stage shame about the undancable gltich hop and best time i had there was there for sataurday morning breakcore set :)

submotiotion orchestera were best live band i saw all weekend.

major gripes was the wind and no granny gaff :(

bassement stage was so so quiet although there was vibes there for pyramid and jay cumming sets :D

dillanja was ace

andy c was good but got dragged to see max cooper which was good way end it and then proceeed to watch fireworks and sneaked into the rabbithole crew party for cheaky few drinks with a mate who i havent seen in a few years.

i think the only water points i noticed were in camp field :(

Re: How was the festival for you all?

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2013, 21:28
by sim667
bdbamford wrote: no granny gaff :(

Word from one of the people who grannies quite a lot that I know is that grannies gaff took a year off last year..... Hip replacements and ting.