What year was your favourite Glade?

Glade Festival is Britain's biggest and best non-corporate electronic dance music festival, with a proper havin' it vibe. Now based at a stately home in Norfolk.

Re: What year was your favourite Glade?

Postby Jake Burns » 25 Mar 2013, 20:41

pesh wrote:i think it was something to do with both Glastonbury and Glade being flooded out on epic levels in 2007 that started the UKs brief love affair with the Ketiums.

after that month of festival carnage it seemed like even the the most anti-wheelchair, it's disgusting, only fools and horses types were suddenly going 'ok, yeah, i'll have a cheeky corner'.

mud. if you can't beat it...

Talk of such nature has always been discouraged on here in case Mr Licensing/local paper/police etc etc took a peek before an important meeting - but there is an interesting conversation to be had about changing consumption habits and its effect on festivals, parties & music.

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