Glade Festival is Britain's biggest and best non-corporate electronic dance music festival, with a proper havin' it vibe. Now based at a stately home in Norfolk.


Postby fletcher » 23 May 2012, 21:56

I spread the word, simples. I can be a judge too if you still need anyone.

Or just let me win the tickets because im nice and lovely cheers XXx
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Postby rewast » 24 May 2012, 00:35


Is the bit in between glade.

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Postby alachua1234 » 24 May 2012, 14:21

a true raver at heart, i've been writing a 50,000 word dissertation for the past two months, with the deadline perfectly sitting on the 13th June, and two exams on the 11th/12th june, education is expensive and now too broke to get meself a ticket to Glade, winning one would be the PERFECT reward. i'd stay up for four days with a massive smile on me face spreading happiness and knowledge throughout the festival. knowledge is power!
what's more, my boyfriend's just won a set to play at the festival and i'd be so so gutted if me and his sister (who's also studying and broke as hell!) couldn't go and support him! I know no one likes a sob story but he's genuinely been there for me through thick and thin, so winning this pair of tickets would be absolutely wicked, not just for the experience of going to a class festival and seeing a huge line up of quality djs, but also because it would make a lot of people very happy. education, happiness, and RAVING :-) XXXXX

p.s i have a wicked teenage mutant ninja turtle outfit that glade would be missing out on if i didn't win...just saying. x

p.p.s please please please.for the love of people
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Postby PaulX » 25 May 2012, 11:57

Winner to be chosen on 1st of June, so you need to get your entry in before then.

By the way, one or two judges have complained that a few entries seem to lack effort. That's partly my fault by saying you don't have to be too wacky or try too hard - but they're on the lookout for something a bit more creative than what they've seen in many cases so far. Remember you can still edit your entry until the morning of 1st June. Just sayin'. ;)
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Postby The G-Man » 28 May 2012, 22:41

I want to go so I can finish me mix tape...

My Glade 2006 - 2012: Mix Tape

In the heart of the countryside the bass kick drums
And the womper churns the ground up as Square-pusher comes
Up onto the stage the cymbals sidewind like a missile
Glitchin' on an amen break, bass rips like a thistle

Now OTT slows it down a notch but that don't mean a thing
Dub heavy spring plates on a ragga tip ting
Protoculture winds it up and Rink a Dink dings...
But no-one's quite a match for the Eat Static kings

'Cos Abakus is sick,
But Slackbaba's slacker,
Stanton boys break out the beats,
Elite Force drops a jacker ... re=related (played by Elite Force at Glade '08)

Over in the Vapour tent the darkness closing in,
Lights fade up on Moderat, the bass has found the bin
Back to this year, Vath's climbing up the walls,
T-shirt on his head I think he's lost his mar-balls...
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Postby MintyHit » 29 May 2012, 16:49

Because I want to...


Party on!
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Postby dizzylizzard » 29 May 2012, 21:10

I went to Glade a few years ago and absolutely hated it. I guess I want to give it another go!
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Postby venus » 29 May 2012, 21:16

I'm trying to be witty as I write this little ditty,
But the words are off raving somewhere.
It's been a cold wet winter with bills even greater
but a sparkle is back in the air.
On the wind I hear laughter, stomping and beats,
as the pixies and fairies prepare
to put on their boots and animal suits
and head down to the Glade, over there.
I shall never forget, the rain in 07
or the octopus in my first year.
Every June or July I've been down at the front,
with my fingers held up in the air
but this year, alas, I need to ask
for a ticket so precious and dear.

Venus x
Fairy wings, animal print cushions and hair flowers

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baldmosher (01 Jun 2012, 14:48)
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Here long enough to buy a round
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Postby techno-toast » 31 May 2012, 08:21

Hi ravetalk - read the forums for quite a while but never joined, so here goes....

"LOOK! It's a rrrowbot! a giant flippin robot!" shouted the enormous south african security guard.

We were up a fire tower overlooking the main site at glade 2006 on steward duty having been burned to blisters by the searing sun all afternoon. We had to explain to the security guy that it was a person with a LED bedecked puppet frame moving around and not an actual robot.

"The things I've seen at this festival. I've never seen the like."

Out of all the security we'd met this guy was the nicest. He truly was blown away by his long weekend at Glade and how friendly everyone was. We felt glad that another person had 'got it', he might not be like us, but he understood.

We finished our monster shift up the fire tower at midnight. As we climbed down the tower a group of four campers greeted us. We couldn't believe it - they'd thanked us earlier in the afternoon for keeping watch on their tents and offered us beers and treats - we'd refused as we were taking our lookout role seriously. They asked what time we'd be getting off shift and promised to come back with beer. Sure, we thought. And yet here they were, beers in hand, treats on offer, big smiles on their faces. It seemed to some up the best of the festival.

That was 2006 and our first Glade. Somehow we missed the next several as there were always other commitments, but kept up with the news and developments. Friends always told us about the legendary times and the ups and downs of Glade but alas we never made it back. (In 2007 we got txt msgs from friends on site reporting on the flooding and saying not to come, we were up for it in 2010 but oops, cancelled, and had a family clash even with the virtualy free tickets last year). In the meantime we also got into going to other parties and festivals - Secret Garden Party, Sunrise and Recydrate / Boomtown Fair.

All festivals rise and fall, morph and mutate, grow and change. With success often comes serious expansion in numbers, and a loss of the original more intimate special vibe. That Glade is still going in a testament to the organisers and the loyal fans. But with the return to roots and new collaborations this year coupled with the tip top venue and 8am license I think it really is time me and my girlfriend made our way back there - to dance and dream, without the hours spent up a fire tower. Welcome back to The Glade!

PS Last night I had a dream...

It was a Feast of Fools, with ARTFUL BADGERs drinking in LIQUID GOURANGA before rushing down THE RABBIT HOLE to reach the secret BARDCORE BASSMENT. OVERKILL we thought, but no, just the start of it all... Then the METEOR crashed into the woods and the sounds began to boom ... We ran at full tilt until we reached the GLADE, the ORIGIN of the music where it all seemed to be going down. I SRCREAMed with delight as the pretty lights danced around INSPIRALs inside my mind, as I watched people dancing under a huge PYRO-MID, around and around frozen in a snapshot, dancing crazy lost like in some REMIX ROLLERDISCO rave. I DANCEd my ass OFF! I want to remember this I thought, to live Each Time Again, not to ever forget this amazing time ;)
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Postby lil Peter » 31 May 2012, 20:38

I propose giving the tickets to 'lil fucking Kev'. This way he will not have to jump the fence or risk getting his melon popped by security. Now hear me out, I don't know Kev from Adam and he is likely to tell me to take a flying fuck, stupid yank. Granted, based on his Ravetalk posts, he seems to be a dickish batehead which might just be from his Sawfudd working class upbringing. Consider this, three kids make a cell phone video in a backyard playhouse to enter in a contest to win a bicycle naively believing that profanity, prostitution, drug use and theft might impress the judges. A third party uploads the video to YouTube, then all of Briton feel it's OK to take a figurative dump on these kids, (see YouTube comments for Kersal Massive). While never having made a single penny from all the views, remixes, samples and ringtones, Kev has had to endure a certain infamous notoriety all through his teenage life. Where are they now? C-Mac is a lawyer, Joe at uni and it's likely Kev is in the park getting pissed. Should lil fucking Kev miraculously appear at the Glade, all the ravetalkers should give him a hug and post a pic and all will be blessed.

It aint rainin, I was just taking a piss. Either way you might want to open up that umbrella.
lil Peter
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