Ravetalk member Dave Skywalker, whose Antiques Roadshow remixes have been underground classics for over a year, has just made an even unlikelier mash-up – a 216bpm breakcore/gabber version of George Formby’s When I’m Cleaning Windows.

Apparently this was no easy feat because, according to Dave, George may have been a popular cheeky chappie but his timing on the original was terrible! But with the modern miracle of Ableton, Dave is now proud to present a sneak peek of When I’m Raving Windows, which is likely to get a public airing in his debut set at Glastonbury (Thursday night in the Glade lounge as part of Bang face Night).

It started out as a bit of banter in the Ravetalk forum when Dave declared that he was a “Windows man” and it all went downhill from there. George was of course a master of the double entendre and this little number was banned by the BBC at the time. Some things never change, eh?

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