The Glade organisers have announced that the licence for the Glade 2008 festival has been approved.

GladTalk can now confirm that this is the full five-year licence that the organisers had been asking for.

A news release from the Glade office says:

We thought we’d let you know that we’ve had our license application approved! We are obviously leaping around with smiles on dials as we now can focus all our energy on making this years festival as colourful and awesome as we can…

We’ve got the lineups on the Sancho Panza and Chillout stages nearly done and will be soon announcing that and a load of other bits and bobs that we reckon’s gonna be wicked. Keep an eye on our website –

Also… We’ve put a web-viewable version of the Glade Festival DVD that was made using footage of the event in 2004 and 2005 in our new gallery. Please go and have a look at that as well as all the pictures and some clever new 3D spin around photo thingys at

Hope you have a great weekend…..

There is also what looks like good news on the sound levels front. The restrictions are the same as last year (and a little better during the daytime) but Anselm Guise, one of the organisers, is confident that with various technical innovations they have more ‘wiggle room’ than they had last year and that the sound will therefore be better.

Join the celebrations on our forum here. 🙂

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