Glade 2009 dates

October 21, 2008

The Glade 2009 dates have been confirmed as 16 to 19 July 2009.

People who went in 2008 can buy discounted early bird tickets for £115 (£10 less than the standard price of £125) or they can leave a £50 deposit and pay the balance in March 2009. Note there are only 1,000 early bird tickets available.

More news when we get it.

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    It Seems West Berkshire Council got their way.

    No Support to the event. Hypocrites. One Person complained from 5 miles away, and the council upheld it. West Berks, We will party for free instead…..
    See you up the Ridgeway….


    I thought you might like to know that the Glade Festival has won the award for best UK dance festival

    above other prestigious and renowned events. Please see the links below. G Events is extremely proud

    to have received this award against such fierce competition.

    This award is testament to the hard work that goes into making the Glade a unique and professionally

    managed event and there is no doubt that the responsible authorities and other agencies have played

    their part in this award. We hope that you are also proud to be associated with the Glade and this award.

    However, the event ran at a significant loss in 2008. This was partly due to low ticket sales but also the rising costs imposed on the event since it began in 2004. As far as ticket sales are concerned it was not only the Glade, but many other medium and small festivals around the UK also suffered this year.

    Our research has shown there to be several reasons that have contributed to the lack of sales, these being weather, both in 2007 and during the poor summer of 2008, and also the ‘credit crunch’. The financial losses mean that we have been unable to fulfil our commitment to the local Wasing-Glade Fund, a concept created by and dear to the hearts of the G Events Directors, and which is administered by the county-wide Berkshire Community Foundation. One only has to speak to local people to gauge the success of the Fund and the difference it has made to local communities.

    Festivals like The Glade have a huge positive economic impact on an area. Please see the links below

    for examples. We have used local services and suppliers where possible and many of the local businesses

    have, and continue to be, very supportive of the event. studies/Glastonbury.pdf

    As alluded to earlier, in addition to the poor ticket sales, the financial loss has been compounded by costs enforced on us by the regulatory agencies. The Glade is essentially a safe, controlled event, largely free of crime and disorderly behaviour, that is managed by its own team of professionals. We do appreciate that there are valuable contributions from the relevant agencies but unfortunately the event cannot be economically viable and cannot continue with the financial and regulatory burdens that have been imposed upon it.

    We have recently gone through what we consider to have been an unnecessary review of our licence based upon a request from one resident of Tadley. Even though this request for review was publicised in several different ways, no other residents supported the request for a review although West Berkshire Council
    decided to support the single request. If anything, local residents came out in support of The Glade. We have tried to promote the concept of partnership working as encouraged by the Licensing Act guidance and felt that this matter could have been resolved with the three parties working together. Again, this review imposed a significant financial burden on the event. Although officers of the Council have been helpful, we do not feel that we have had the support of the decision makers at West Berks. It has been a year-on-year battle to both gain a licence to stage the event and to comply with the disproportionate conditions that we have had to endure.

    Therefore, it is with great sadness we have decided to seek to relocate the Glade Festival out of the West Berkshire and Thames Valley area. We will keep you informed of the situation.

    As Directors of G Events we strongly agree with Government guidance that cultural diversity is important and feel that events like the Glade should be encouraged not only for cultural reasons but for the clear economic benefits that they bring to an area. The guidance also states: ‘Care will be needed to ensure that only necessary,
    proportionate and reasonable licensing conditions impose any restrictions on these events. Where there is any indication that events are being deterred by licensing requirements, statements of licensing policy should be re-visited with a view to investigating how the situation might be reversed’. With this in mind we are willing to discuss these issues with you further so that regulatory authorities can understand the issues from the event organiser’s side and so that other events are not discouraged from establishing themselves in the area.