Glade 2011 dates soon

October 8, 2010

Glade Festival co-organiser Nick Ladd has reassured Ravetalk that the team are “working hard” on plans for 2011, with an announcement of dates likely in two weeks’ time.

Nick and Ans confirmed to Ravetalk on 13 July that Glade Festival is definitely returning in 2011 – and that they were scouting out a few new venues “centrally located in England”.

As most Glade regulars know, the 2010 event was cancelled, due to lower than expected ticket sales and an unexpectedly high bill presented by Hampshire Police.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Ravetalk says:

    In case anyone’s wondering what’s happened to this announcement, we were given a specific date that the Glade people were working on for next year’s event – but then we were asked to keep schtumm about it for now, as the licence isn’t in the bag yet for their first choice of venue.

    They do have alternative venues on standby in case their first choice falls through – but then the date could be up in the air again.

    So, rather than give people a date which people book their holidays for, only for it to turn out to be wrong, they would rather wait a little longer before announcing something.

    In the meantime, you can follow developments here:

  • Ravetalk says:

    Well, we’re no closer to an OFFICIAL announcement.

    But see for more information.

    Once again, if you make any holiday or travel booking on the strength of this unofficial information, you do so ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.