All the best things come in small packages, so GladTalk warmly welcomes the Glade organisers’ announcement that the festival’s capacity is being slashed from 15,000 to 12,000 ticketholders. This brings the festival capacity broadly in line with the 2006 event.

GladTalk has asked two of the organisers, Nick Ladd and Anselm (Ans) Guise, about this sharp change of direction and the implications for the festival, such as reduced performance spaces, sound systems etc.

Less tickets does mean less money for the overall festival, of course, so budget cuts have had to be made. The main casualties of this have been some of the newer art-oriented stages including Nectar Space and the Algorithm area.

Nick confirmed: “We loved the spaces, but a reduced capacity show cannot bear them financially.”

However, Nick and Ans both confirmed that this year’s Overkill Stage (which houses breakcore, gabba, mash-up and the more experimental, wronger end of things) will still be extended to the size of last year’s cavernous Liquid Stage, as reported in Techno, Overkill and last year’s Glade troubles.

Ans also confirmed that all the late-night venues, including Overkill, will have the full Funktion 1 Ambisonic sound surround rigs that were promised in Sound levels at the Glade. He added:

One of the main reality checks that led us to making this decision was the issue of sound. We realised that the best way of getting the levels up for the dancefloor was to make the dancefloors smaller.

If we did that, though, we had to reduce capacity. We liked that idea a lot for all the other reasons; like the festival feeling more intimate, cosy and special. But then we wouldn’t have enough money to pay for the event.

So quite a major rethink had to be done; we didn’t want to lose things that made the event wicked. So you know all the boring bits like stewards, security and so forth was looked at and costs shaved there. Less people means less need for these things…

And we’ve also let go of the Nectar Temple (though a lot of that vibe, including the art, will now be part of inSpiral) and Algorithm has gone too.

No artists are being cut from the line-up at all. We feel that the festival is going to be much the better for these changes!

The moves come after organisers took note of feedback from forums including GladTalk, as well as by email. But they caution that this means tickets will sell fast:

This means that there only a limited number of tickets remaining. So, if you are planning on coming to the party this year then please buy your tickets this week!

Next week we have a lot of advertising and flyers going out by previous arrangement so this could be your last chance before the tickets are snapped up.

Please also check out the website as we have now updated it with details of the buses running to the Glade Festival.

More discussion of this topic in the forum.

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  • baldmosher says:

    This number should henceforth be known as a douzand!

  • Jake says:

    I cannot but help feel bit of the Spinal Tap’s “We’re most selective in our appeal” – and its doesnt add up – Overkill is getting bigger but with a smaller dancefloor? – Good luck and all that – but it just doesnt look as if they’ve sold many tickets…

  • Sperge says:

    Hmmm, interesting point, but those Funktion 1 Ambisonic rigs require six large speaker stacks, so it’s possible to have a bigger tent and still have smaller dancefloor space. Good observation though.

  • Ian HIlbert says:

    Wa’ah the Nectar Temple won’t be at Glade this year then – that was a great addition to last year’s Festival, but couldnt the Festival have a few speakers at the chill-space instead??

  • Chester Reed says:

    All long winded reasons for them being effected my the credit crunch like every other european festival maybe.