The Glastonbury and Glade festivals are very closely related as regular visitors to this website know. Not only did Glade start out as a stage on Worthy Farm but Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has even heaped lavish praise on his festival’s most successful offspring.

And this isn’t just on the musical level. There is an increasing crossover between the art installations found at the two events – and these video clips taken straight from this year’s Glastonbury give you a taste of the kind of things to expect at Glade Festival in a couple of weeks’ time:

Glade will feature some of the creations of Arcadia, the scrap yard wizards who showcased some of the most off-the-scale art installations at this year’s Glastonbury.

After storming the UK festival scene in 2008 with a rocket DJ tower pumping flame balls into the sky, Arcadia upped the ante again with the birth of a full circus show and live band stage, aboard an enormous new moving hydraulic machine. Their work has taken UK festival site art to another level.

Adam Freeland said after coming off his set on the Glade Stage at Glastonbury: “Yeah it was awesome! I love doing those kind of stages man, anything goes, it’s just wild, you just go for it – flames help! Flames always help! Anything that makes the crowd go ‘yeah’! That shit works!”

Meanwhile, Zion Train said: “Both as a spectacle and an experience, Arcadia was the best corner of Glastonbury festival 2009.”

Arcadia are a collective of young artists and engineers from the West Country who are constantly pushing the boundaries on the scene with their surreal creations. Growing up amongst festivals, fields and scrap yards has inspired the desire to build far-out, futuristic structures from industrial and military scrap for the purpose of positive combustion.

Arcadia has been creating installations since 2006 and will continue to generate more positive power with the next level of the DJ rocket stage featuring an explosive electronic line-up at this years’ Glade Festival.

“We are well chuffed to have the Arcadia posse again at Glade Festival this year,” said Glade Festival promoter Nick Ladd. “I have been to Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert many times and believe me the work Arcadia are currently putting out is on a par with anything I have seen out there – it’s world class.”

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  • willz says:

    WOW that looks amazing!! where at the glade will that be set up i have to see that 🙂

  • Ravetalk says:


    Not sure if *that* piece specifically will be there. The guys who are coming to Glade are Arcadia, who also had an installation using lots of fire and smoke – but it was also a big stage. Will post photos of it later.