Here’s a few golden nuggets of news that may interest Glade festivalgoers.

First, techno fans will be delighted to know that not only will their favourite genre be the major theme of the Vapor stage, there will be some techno at the Sancho Panza too, as well as some more mashed-up versions in the Overkill Tent.

Speaking of the Overkill Tent, Glade organiser Ans confirms that last year’s promise of full Funktion 1 Ambisonic rigs for that and other stages will be honoured, which will be good news for those who complained about last year’s sound levels. He adds that the tent will be “about the size of last year’s Liquid Stage”.

It is understood that the promised reduced capacity will be 15,000 tickets – 1,500 less than last year’s total. Festival attendance levels will then be capped at this figure from this year onwards.

So why the large hike in ticket prices, you may ask? Well, a fair amount has gone towards restoring the Wasing Estate to its original condition, which was a much bigger job than many may think. Rubbish removal alone continued for five or six weeks after the festival closed.

I gather another factor is that they want a five-year licence at Wasing so that they can have some stability and plan for the longer term. Unfortunately, the powers that be seem to favour keeping to annual licensing applications. This uncertainty again increases costs.

One of the organisers has told how they were sitting miserably as the rains continued belting down for 14 hours, staring bankruptcy and financial ruin in the face as they were resigned to the fact that they might have to cancel.

At this point they approached the police and council for advice about how they should go about shutting the event down if it came to that… only for the police to tell them they can’t shut it down, as the roads were closed etc, they would just have to deal with it.

So big up to Thames Valley Police for saving the festival. 😉

Which turned out to be a good thing really, as it fired everyone up to get the show running after all, which they did – and a number thought it was the best Glade yet. There are also contingency measures in case the weather is as challenging as last years – which hopefully means it will end up being as hot and dry as the first three years… 😉

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  • James Fullard says:

    WOOHOOO! Best news Ive heard all year! Im definitely going for the 4th year running! 🙂

  • baldmosher says:

    Thank you Thames Valley Police for saving Glade! There’s life in old plod yet! Five years running for me….!

  • Sperge says:

    Please note this story has now been updated with the capacity and a couple of clarifications. 🙂

  • suzee says:

    OVERKILL the size of the Liquid stage..?!! That’s the best news of my morning.

    s xx

  • brett says:


    brown wings

  • Jem Lawton says:

    I’m pretty sure they haven’t reduced festival capacity. Isn’t that just the stuff for the council to read. Looks as if they’ve increased it by about 2000!