News of Glade Festival’s expected “invasion” by a column of 30 German nudists this year continues to spread around the globe. Even the China Daily News is getting an eyeful of it.

It all began at Glade 2005 with the antics of a Californian performance artist using the name Jovis, pictured right, who became known to ravers as the “Purple Naked Man” after he covered himself from head to toe in purple body paint and pranced all over the site in his birthday suit.

He has made several repeat appearances, each time in a different colour. Word of the broad-mindedness of Glade Festival ravers reached the German group, who contacted the festival through its Twitter and Myspace sites to ask what the score would be if they were naked on site.

At first the Glade crew thought it was a wind-up, but humoured them and in the banter that ensued it turned out that there were a few dozen of them and they attend several dance events in Germany including the Vuuv Festival. The organisers also wanted to check with their solicitors to avoid being caught short by any legal problems.

But they’ve been given the go-ahead, as long as they wear body paint (and one person has already offered her services on this front). No doubt the local constabulary will keep a close watch to ensure everything is above board, all in the line of duty of course.

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