There’s a new Glade flyer out, confirming a few details we’ve already seen such as the Glade dates and the reduced capacity.

The organisers, to their great credit, seem to have taken on board criticisms that the festival had been getting too big and they say they’re going back to basics:

“With last year’s event teaching us a great deal we’ve decided to reduce the number of tickets available and have limited its size so it will never get too big as we look into the future.”

They also announced that the official website goes live on Wednesday, 27 February and they’ll have much more information on there.

The most signifcant news right now is that tickets will be on sale on 20 March. But, as in previous years, subscribers to the official mailing list can get early bird tickets. They are sending out a link on 29 February to list subscribers.

So there we have it. Don’t you just love it when a plan starts coming together? 😉

Also, it’s probably worth mentioning at this point that the organisers have confirmed to GladTalk that the Vapor Stage will have a strong techno flavour again this year, clearing up any worries about the theme changing. 🙂

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