Glade Festival organiser Ans Guise believes he has landed the perfect venue for the 2011 event after making a surprise last-minute change of location.

Ans told Ravetalk that organisers had looked at 39 sites across the country for this year’s event and that the final choice of venue – now publicly announced as The Mansion House in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire – had originally been considered as a venue but rejected in favour of the first choice (which has not been disclosed and is said to have fallen through for reasons similar to the problems that led to the cancellation of Glade 2010) and the second choice, which was on farmland near Atherstone, Warwickshire.

He explained that when they were initially scouting for venues, several potential sites had been identified, but one or two owners had felt out of their depth handling an event like Glade. They thought that the owners of The Mansion House were similarly likely to turn the Glade down, so had almost forgotten about them as they pursued their first and second choices.

Ans said plans to locate the festival at the Warwickshire site were at an advanced stage, with only last-minute details being finalised. And then, out of the blue, they were contacted by the Mansion House owners, who turned out to be really keen on hosting The Glade and the site was “just too good to be turned down”.

It already has a permanent outdoor events licence in place and hosts a reggae festival in the summer. And reggae events are certainly known for being quite busy in the bass department, as Ans pointed out, so he does not think anyone needs to have any worries about sound issues.

“And the music will be going on right up until 11pm on the Sunday night, not finishing at 8pm as it has in the past,” he added.

The new location also makes it far easier to get artists to and from London airports, and is also less likely to have major traffic problems as it is close to the M1 and A1, whereas the Warwickshire site was approached by a country lane.

Ans added: “The site was just too perfect to turn down, even if it meant upsetting a few people who had already made travel arrangements. It’s the very epitome of what we consider an English festival to be about – lots of greenery and trees everywhere.”

Camping stoves are also welcome at the new site – this had been an issue with the previous choice of venue. Ans said the owners do ask that stoves are raised 10 inches from the ground “as they don’t want their fine lawns scorched”.

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