Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has written an unprecedented open letter of support for Glade Festival.

“About ten years ago I persuaded Luke Piper, Glade Festival Director to run a new area at Worthy Farm called ‘The Glade’. ‘Why the glade, sounds like a perfume,’ Luke said. ‘An opening in the woods – a perfect venue,’ I said.

“And so it was. So successful was The Glade, he asked to borrow the concept for a site in Newbury which worked too.

“Now, after a good few years the site has moved from Newbury to Winchester, a beautiful farm in a natural amphitheatre with lots more room – better access, and a lot less people living close by.

“The Glade Festival has lots of Glastonbury connections with thrills and feelings not dissimilar to our own, including programming and atmosphere that has form and reputation.

“If you couldn’t get a ticket for our show here at Glastonbury, thank you very much for trying, but would you mind me suggesting that you give Glade Festival a try? I don’t think you’ll regret it!”

Glastonbury, the grand-daddy of them all, attracts thousands of new people every year to experience their first festival. Smaller events with a similar ethos and vibe, like Glade Festival, Sunrise and Beautiful Days benefit hugely from this Worthy Farm influx.

This year’s Glade Festival has 10 stages and the lineup includes Underworld, Booka Shade, Juan Atkins, Squarepusher, Nitin Sawhney and world music maestro Femi Kuti as well as art, circus, cabaret, comedy and a healing field.

Ravetalk has one of the biggest and liveliest Glade Festival forums on the internet, so what better place to start your journey towards the best electronic dance festival experience on the planet?

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