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August 8, 2010

Ravetalk is being reinvented over the coming months. It’s all about ‘interconnectedness’. Work has already started on making Ravetalk work as one integrated site – and hooking the whole lot up to Facebook and Twitter. You’ll even be able to log in to this site via your Facebook account once we’ve finished.

We’ve also made the site more mobile-friendly, with a smartphone skin for the news pages and support for the Tapatalk app on the messageboard. The board will soon have a mobile skin of its own, although support for Tapatalk will continue for those who have it.

The music policy will also be broadened a little. At the moment it’s very narrowly focused on genres like jungle, gabber and breakcore. These are all hugely important parts of today’s rave scene but if you like a touch of the old skool or go to events like Raindance, you’ll be just as welcome. Rave is as much about a state of mind as the genres.

We already have support for soundcloud and will be getting a tunes shop and a radio station off the ground soon. You can help shape the future of the site by contributing to the Future of Ravetalk discussion.

And finally, we want to have more quality original content on the website. Lots more. So if you’re a budding journalist, photographer, musician, DJ, artist or whatever, please contact the editor to see how you can contribute. 🙂

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