The mainstream media are full of reports about Scumoween, described by many as the UK’s second biggest free party this year.

The Daily Fail is already squealing with horror about the prospect of young (and some not so young) ravers having fun in empty buildings. For free.

Ravetalk says: “Good on yer! And turn up the bass!”

This website is a big supporter of well-organised legal events such as Glade Festival. But anyone with more than half a brain could foresee that the more ridiculous (and costly) hoops that legal events were being made to jump through, the greater the likelihood of large-scale illegal events coming back with a vengeance.

Couple that with the worst economic slump since the 1930s and it’s obvious that we’ll be seeing a lot more of these events.

Good work, everyone, and see you at the bass bins!

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