Word from warmer climes reaches us that the thoughts of the Glade organisers are turning to matters here in cold, wet Blighty and that news about Glade Festival 2008 will be forthcoming.

The official website will be up and running from mid-February, tickets apparently on sale in “early March” and – most significant of all – “there will be less tickets available than last year”.

The lower capacity will no doubt be connected with the Glade organisers’ desire for a five-year site licence to hold the festival at Wasing Estate.

This is actually good news for seasoned Glade veterans, who have complained for the past couple of years that crowd numbers were getting a little too high and diluting some of the festival’s famous vibe.

A news release by Gtickets also promises that the lineup is “extraordinary” and “the weather is going to be dry”. Mudfests can be a lot of fun, but here’s one old raver who could do without another year of this:

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  • haha that video is brilliant. brings it all back 🙂

    glad to hear about the reduced capacity, glade was beginning to get a bit too crowded. i wonder what they will cap it at? 2006 seemed perfect IMO, enough people to wander with but enough space in camping and to sit on the lovely ground.