There’s a crap joke doing the rounds in drum & bass circles:
Q. Why did the lion get lost?
A. Because Jungle is Massive.

But when you’ve finished groaning, the jungle is certainly massive at this year’s Glade. In addition to an already sizzling Glade drum & bass lineup, a whole new set has been announced for Sunday in the Vapor Tent:



The idea of having a separate drum and bass stage in the Vapor Tent (which is a techno stage throughout the Friday and Saturday nights, run by BLOC) was put forward and booked by Mr Nice (no, not that one!), the DJ and promoter of Rinseout in Exeter, who said “I find the prospect of the drum & bass tent at this year’s Glade Festival extremely exciting.

“It makes us very proud to bring together the scene’s biggest names alongside some of the UK’s most in demand breakthrough talent. We hand-picked artists who have done us proud time after time – bringing electric vibes and real passion for the music.”

Andy C

The undisputed Number 1 drum & bass DJ and founder of Ram Records will headline the Drum & Bass tent in the very special way only he knows how. It was in 1993 when Andy C really blew up on the back of all time classic ‘Valley of the Shadows’, produced by himself at the age of 16 with Ant Miles under the alias Origin Unknown. From that point on through a lot of hard work and drive he established himself as a D & B superstar headlining the biggest gigs worldwide. Of his set last year Andy said: “the vibe was amazing, the crowd were loving the drum & bass.”


Brazil’s number one and most famous DJ export hails from Sao Paulo and is one of the most technical DJs on the circuit. Famous for his upside down scratching – amongst other tricks – he is a regular on the global drum & bass scene. 2002 was the year that Marky`s status was confirmed when he released the summer smash hit ‘LK’ with XRS, crowning him as a top producer as well as DJ. He now champions his Brazilian sound through label Innerground whilst smashing dance floors across the world.


Drum & Bass was the game and since their inception Noisia have become the name on the lips of every drum & bass aficionado as ones to watch. Since their innovative, technically precise music was first included as staples of every established drum & bass artists’ playlist, Noisia have proven themselves capable of coining material guaranteed to decimate dancefloors worldwide. Thijs de Vlieger, Martijn van Sonderen and Nik Roos are part of a new breed of producers heralding new directions not only for drum & bass but many other genres in which they dabble, such as breaks, house and downtempo.


He is one of the founding members of Bad Company, co – owner of Breakbeat Kaos and Dogs on Acid (two of the biggest drum & bass outlets). Breakbeat Kaos has released material from artists such as Pendulum and Adam F amongst others. Alongside his label duties, Fresh has established himself as one of the country`s top producers, releasing a string of sell out anthems and also delving in to the pop world, working with the likes of Pet Shop Boys & DJ Shadow to name a few.


This south London pair was signed to the biggest liquid drum & bass label Hospital Records in 2002 when label mate High Contrast tipped off the powers that be about their talent. Cyantific has had a string of successful releases. Their biggest selling album ‘Ghetto Blaster’ was released in 2006.


A pioneer of jungle music, born in the early days of acid house and totting up over 20 years of DJing experience, Phantasy has helped to shape the drum & bass sound of now. He is still headlining the biggest parties worldwide and is a true legend. His set will be called ‘Jungle Story’ where he’ll be taking you on a journey through the years.

Mr Nice

The founder of Rinseout hails from Exeter and has really made a name for his brand and himself as a DJ. Not only in the south west, but nationally too. His hunger and passion for the music is reflected in his performance, recently picking up the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Scene’ award at the recent South West D & B Awards. Nobody works more hours for the drum & bass scene than this guy. In 2006 he played the G Stage @ Glastonbury and in 2008 was signed by innovation Artist Management.

Maxxi P

Drum & bass just flows through this Rinseout resident’s veins. By day he sells vinyl in Exeter`s Reform Records and at night he divides his time producing in the studio and mixing for numerous radio stations. At only 21 his technical ability is second to none. Maxxi P has rocked clubs all over the South West and is destined for big things.


Resident MC for Andy C and Ram Records, GQ has been performing at the highest level for over 15 years. He has always been into music and runs his own label Emcee Recordings. He is a firm believer that the MC is the middle man between the crowd and the DJ.


An MC with a massive presence and energy on stage, he is renowned for being the host with the most, holding residencies at the likes of Slammin Vinyl, Ram, Tru Playaz & Jungle Fever hyping up the biggest raves all around the world. Expect nothing less than 110% from this MC.


Started his MCing in Southampton and Bournemouth at Paradox & Cocoshabeen and was spotted and recruited by New Nation. In 2007 he was signed by Fatman Ds Biological Beats and in 2008 signed by innovation Artist Agency and Random Concept.


South West-born MC might be small in size but has a huge stage presence. Since working on the road with Jungle Drummer & DJ Fu he has seen bookings flood in from all over the country. He is now a resident at Hospitality and has seen his career fly to dizzy heights since moving to Oxford last year.

Johnny G

Rinseout’s long-standing resident MC has risen to fame in recent years. He is signed by innovation and is playing at some of the biggest parties in the UK and Europe. His vocal ability and stamina is second to none and unrivalled by other MCs.

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  • Doktah Lyrik says:

    If people are looking for REAL JUNGLE please avoid the above, as all they are guna play is cheesy drum and bass – FACT!!! for real underground JUNGLE at glade check out STIVS, IRONSIDE and DR BASTARDO on the OVERKILL stage – or go and see the WRONG MUSIC event… that will be real jungle – not the overplayed commercial drum and bass the likes of NOSIA, FRESH and MARKY will play – althou to be fair ANDY C can rock the party big time (depending on how much you have had to drink!!!)

  • corrid hunt says:

    Jungle and d&b are two names for the same thing. End of.

  • H-K says:

    I disagree,.. though the 2 genres may be very closely related they are infact 2 seperate things! I would explain proply but i cba… simply put my dear mother loves jungle..hates DnB! … i reckon both kick arse………

  • Ravetalk says:

    LOL, calm down everybody! It was only an excuse to slip a weak joke in. 😀

    Jungle came before drum n bass and, although it’s not a genre that I claim to know a lot about, most people I know think of drum n bass being the cheesier, more commercial end of the genre.

    But opinion is divided on this, there are a lot of people who use the terms interchangeably and I would say the line is more blurred than some make out.

    But hey, it’ll make a great forum topic, why not carry this on in there?

  • baldmosher says:

    That’s not the real problem. The joke is

    Q) Why did the lion get lost in the jungle?
    A) Because the jungle is not a lion’s natural habitat.

  • jag says:

    none of those artists are jungle, they’re drum & bass… and to whoever said they are the same thing clearly knows nothing about either.

    but either way, if your looking for jungle…SOUNDMURDERER is gonna destroy the dancefloor!

  • corrid hunt says:

    There is no universally accepted distinction between “jungle” and “drum and bass”. The debate is summed up pretty clearly at

    Some people claim there are definite distinctions, others don’t. There is a lot of debate within the scene, it is NOT a done deal at all. So anyone who tries to claim that their opinion is the One True Way is spouting the most bollocks off all!

  • leo says:

    all i know is what i think and i think jungle and dnb is wikid and it kicks the arse out any other dance music

  • BFK4LIFE says:

    No soundmurderer I’m afraid, he’s poorly and isn’t coming to europe at all for the time being. Sorry to bring you the bad news, it is very disappointing. BROKEN NOTE, BASTARDO, PRODUCER, IN YA FACE!!!!