London superclub Matter, based at the O2 dome in Greenwich, is set to close for the summer, with a leading DJ citing lack of transport facilities as one of the main reasons for its demise.

Rumours of Matter’s closure had appeared on the Ravetalk forums on 16 May, with forum member lahmjpowder saying: “My university was in a partnership with them for our final major projects to be presented there. We was all set to spend the next 2 days rigging then filming final recordings there on the Wednesday.”

Matter was unavailable for comment at the time of writing but DJ Yousef confirmed the closure on the Circus Club forum. The forum thread was later removed.

DJ Yousef’s opening post said: “You may as well hear it from me. Due to many reasons, the main one being the lack of transport to the venue, Matter has shut for the summer. Sad times. They are an amazing bunch down there.”

UPDATE: The Halcyon psy-trance night which was due to be held at Matter on Friday 21 July has been transferred to the Fridge in Brixton. See for further details.

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  • Smickus says:

    that circus link has been removed now…

  • Anonymous says:

    I work for Matter London.

    It has closed for the indefinite future. They say it may open at the end of the summer, but how likely of this we are unsure.

    Look out for an official statement within the next few days!

  • Anonymous says:

    I understand that it is also CLOSED for this weekend, so Halcyon night will not be taking place.

  • Bellaaaa says:

    i was meant to be going for my 18th i am so gutted 🙁

  • Isobel1 says:

    I also work at Matter…. it is definatly closing and there is no way we can open after the summer. It has been struggling ever since it opened with many job losses from literally day one. We are in alot of debt which cannot be paid due to the running costs of the venue and the amounts that DJs charge for appearances.

    Its a sad day but it is true.

  • ANON says:

    Isobell, surely the amount DJs charge is on the back of the promoters rather than the club itself?? ever since the first time i went to matter which was the first Ram Records there, i wondered how the hell the owners were going to keep up with the price they paid for it!! a good club but bang in the middle of nowhere, and for the first year it was impossible to get away from the place without getting the bus or taxi due to tubes being shut!

  • monkey says:

    @isobell.. You say after the summer??? does this mean it’ll be open for RAM on the 4th june you reckon?.. it would be nice to go one last time!!

  • jessalaaa says:

    have booked tickets for my birthday on the 31st july to see Pryda :(.. i hope it stays open for that

  • CharlieW says:

    Matter’s website has gone down in the last half hour. Doesn’t look good…

  • Nika says:

    so can anyone update me – will Matter be open for Halcyon this weekend the 21st May? or do we not know yet?

  • Ravetalk says:

    Nika, nobody can say for definite what is happening this weekend because Matter haven’t put out an official statement or responded to calls or emails.

    When this story was written, the word on the grapevine was that Matter would still be open this weekend and close after that.

    We’ll try to get an update on this but the longer the Matter people stay silent, the less likely it is that it will be open this weekend.

  • Frank says:

    The accounts to 31 Dec 2009 are not due yet.
    The trading status of Matter T/A Matter London Limited is still active. is working fine.

    The promoter of Halcyon has advised that he has been in contact with Matter and Halcyon is still on this weekend.

  • Frank says:

    The original poster’s college can probably kiss goodbye to using a Fabric related venue for future degree shows.
    (I have no association with Matter, it’s just an observation of the idle speculation arising from the post)

  • CharlieW says:

    I’ve heard from the guys that organise Halcyon – it’s NOT at Matter, but it sounds like they’ve definitely sourced another venue!

  • lis0r says:

    Shame they can’t tell us officially, like, and put some minds at rest.

  • CharlieW says:

    Lis0r – they’re waiting for 100% confirmation on the new venue! I reckon it should be out by lunch though.

  • Hospitality says:

    Do you think the Hospitality at matter will be canceled or moved to another club? maybe fabric?

  • Frank says:

    Due to the very unfortunate circumstances of matter closing for the summer this Fridays Halcyon event has been moved to The Fridge in Brixton.


  • Superwicked says:

    Please not Fabric – London’s premier tourist club. Hasn’t been decent there for years.

    Gutted about this news. Such a siick venue.

  • P2TP says:

    DJs prices are crazy right now, worse now than ever. It is more and more common that the only one that makes money on a night is the DJ. They and their agents are killing the scene. The scene is moving back underground to small clubs and little known DJs with small tickets prices, good job too.

  • Dunc says:

    I’m so gutted about this, halcyon was going to be my first time going to matter.

    For those that don’t yet know halycon has been moved to The Fridge in Brixton Hill.

  • glitterbabe says:

    just gutted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred says:

    How are they not raking it in? The place gets packed. Drinks are pretty pricey and so is entry as well. Tis an absolutely amazing club and I hope the closure isnt permanant.

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