We have had a reply from the UK Government about our petition against absurdly low decibel limits at festivals.

You all know the routine. One of your favourite artists is on stage and suddenly the sound has gone way down, you can hear conversations around you even though you’re next to the speaker stack and the overall sound quality has plummeted and the chants of “Turn it up!” begin. Glade Festival moved home after a complaint by one man living several miles from the site led to the council wanting to lower sound limits even further.

Our central argument has been that it can’t be right that just one person can spoil the enjoyment of thousands of festivalgoers even when the majority of residents either actively support the festival or aren’t bothered either way.

The government, predictably enough, has ignored this point. What they just don’t get is that for 15 years now, people in the rave and festivals scene have bent over backwards to comply with more and more restrictions to stay on the right side of the law. If our reward is to have our events ruined, then don’t come crying to us if people just go ahead and hold their raves anyway – legal or not.

We’re continuing the discussion on where to go next in this forum discussion. Please join in (or just leave a comment on this post).

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