This year’s Glade Festival has been cancelled after the organisers faced additional policing costs of £100,000 more than last year’s event, Ravetalk can reveal.

Glade creative director Nick Ladd said: “We have tried everything we can to salvage the show and right up till the last minute we were negotiating a rescue deal but it fell through.

“I am sorry that its been left this late to cancel it but we really were trying everything to pull it round. Our decision has been agonising but the latest massive increases in cost forced on us by the police was the final straw – an extra £100,000 on last year in total,

“We can’t go on any further without running the risk of a lot of people being left unpaid due to losses and we are not prepared to do that. Needless to say we have tried pretty much everything short of busking.”


The Glade Festival organisers have arranged some ticket swap deals with other festivals for anyone who is willing to do this instead of taking a cash refund.

Hi Everyone

So we have arranged ticket swaps with some other events in case you would rather do this than get a refund – check these out and if you fancy any of them just let Ticketline know and they will arrange it.

Lounge on the Farm
Lovebox weekender
Global Gathering
Sunrise Celebration
Big Chill
Standon Calling
Beachbreak Live

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