So how was it for you?

July 20, 2008

We’re running an official feedback thread for you to tell the organisers how Glade 2008 went for you.

What did you like most about the festival? What things would you most like to see changed? Will you be back next year? Were the toilets clean enough? What was the quality of the food like?

Have your say.

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  • liam says:

    oh my god, this was my first glade and it was the best weekend of my life! ive been to two festivals before glade, one of which was zoo8, apperntly meant to be the next big music festival, but the organisation of that was appauling, whereas glade was just brilliantly organised with the decoration, the set up of the stages, the sound system, the layout of the stores etcetc. thought the music was just amazing aswell and yeah glade is the nuts.

  • uthred says:

    blinding atmospere, tents to close to each other(could hear sancho panza over jeff mills) funkition one sound system TURN IT UP! but it was still a top weekend thanks!

  • g-bo says:

    what a weekend!

    soundsystem in the overkill on friday was terrible, was bad for lots of acts on saturday but somehow it worked well with some acts and it kinda picked up for the rest of the weekend, brilliant festival again, food portions were terrible as much as it was tasty, def gona bring loads of food to a festival from now on!

    jeff mills, autechre, chris clark, bangface, rolling about the place on thursday night and that soup from the ‘stews and soup’ stall were the highlights! never laughed so much in my life, brilliant vibe, great music, well done glade…BUT SORT OUT THE SOUND OR GET ANOTHER SITE!!

  • alexia says:

    It was my 3rd Glade. definatley a bit smaller but loved it anyway !! Saw some great acts – Utah saints /Pendulum/ Dj Ruskie.I didn’t have any hassle with Security -searches – alcohol .I Liked the fact there was alot more space to camp this year.The toilets were abit dirty last thing at night & the small limits of alcohol thing was a bit of a pain.But I would definatley buy a ticket next year again. I like the way you have listerned to the forum & made the descsion not to sell as many tickets as poss & try to keep it real & not commercial !!
    ps, who Dj’d with Dj Ruskie in the pussy parlour on the saturday night last thing please..? Was it Red snapper- as they absolutley rocked !! :O)