Sound levels at the Glade

January 23, 2008

One of the most controversial issues of Glade 2007 was the sound in the Overkill tent. Considering the Overkill crew worked knee-deep in a muddy river to dig trenches and build dams to pull off the most miraculous comeback since Lazarus, I always thought this criticism was a bit churlish.

But one question did do the rounds a lot last year and that was: how come all the other main stages had the hi-tech Funktion 1 rigs with the noise-cancelling technology, while Overkill had to make do with a conventional rig and therefore struggled to get a decent volume because of the draconian sound restrictions?

Well, we did in fact get a proper answer to this on the forum way back in July last year – but I’ve googled around and it seems there’s a lot of people out there who still haven’t got that information, so this article is being written to put the record straight and make the answers easier to find.

Here’s the explanation that was given to GladTalk by one of the organisers:

Good question.

The story is that the tent we had planned for Overkill was on the back of an artic lorry that jackknifed coming out of another wet gig – no one was hurt, but the lorry and the tent were a write off.

The replacement tent was smaller and as a result there was not room in the tent for the 4 additional stacks required for the soundfield.

Next year the tent will be bigger and will have a soundfield same as the breaks tent.

I hope that clears that one up. There is more in the Overkill thread in the forum. The Overkill organiser himself, N>E>D, gave a very long and informative account of what the crew went through in this post. He later reposted it, with lots of really good photos, on his own blog. Well worth a visit!

So if you’re more into breakcore than breaks and have been put off Glade 08 by the tales about the Overkill sound, don’t be. There were genuine reasons why things weren’t quite as they should be – but the organisers are on record as saying there’ll be a bigger tent and the special rigs needed to keep the sound banging while meeting the licensing conditions.

But the last word on this topic should probably go to The DJ Producer:

its 100% true man. you,ed and james bf held your composure pretty well considering the severity of the situation….. i was almost in borderlline denial when i got the txt from james saying “err—actually—CAN u play??”.—-FUCK YEAH I CAN! y’all shouyld be fucking proud,regardless of haters moaning about the sound—SHIT GUYS—YOU WOULD BE MOANING A SHITLOAD MORE IF THERE WAS NO SOUND–AT ALL–FOR THE 3 DAYS OF THE FESTIVAL!!!!!!

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