News has come in from people at the site that the Sunrise Celebration has been cancelled due to bad weather.

GladTalk was unable to confirm this officially with the organisers at the time of writing (edit: it has now been officially confirmed, see first comment). The official site at 6.09pm was saying:

Please do not leave home for the festival if you are still waiting to leave. We are experiencing ADVERSE weather conditions and will need to make a site assessment in the coming hours. Currently, the police are not allowing any access to the event until this review has taken place. We apologise for any inconvenience and will inform you of any changes via this website. 29th May 18:09

The website appeared to have crashed later in the evening. The Daily Telegraph has however stated that the festival is cancelled. The BBC has also reported on severe flooding in Somerset.

Flooding in Somerset (BBC News)

More news when we get it. In the meantime, you can follow developments in the forum.

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  • Sperge says:

    Just to update on this, it is now definitely officially cancelled. Not that this was ever really in doubt since last night, but here’s the official statement:

    Rain stopped play!

    Due to severe weather conditions in the Somerset area, Sunrise 2008 has been officially postponed till 2009.

    We’re definitely going to do it next year … and we’re looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

    Watch this space for our next announcement . Right now, we’ve got an awful lot of infrastructure to carefully dismantle… and a lot of drying out to do… So too have the people who actually made it all the way down to Somerset and who joined us on site for our first day.

    We’re sorry too, to those who arrived later and were turned away. We had to stop but till the last possible minute we were pushing on through the wind, the rain and the floods in the hope that we could still make it happen for everyone.


  • Tavdy says:

    UPDATE (this has been posted on both FestivalWeather AND the main Sunrise site):

    Latest News,
    We look like we may be able to do it again! We are in talks with other organisations and other sites, and it looks like we may be able to offer another event this year, this is what we are trying to post on the website now,
    The site is nearly clear. It’s still waist deep in water in places and the mud makes last year’s Glastonbury look like a tea party. But we’re on it. Most cars have been rescued from the car park. Most of our much beloved Sunrisers are on their way home, reasonably dry and safe once more by now we hope. Meanwhile, we’ve been besieged with kind offers of support, from ticket holders, site crew, entertainment providers and stall holders alike.

    We’re fully aware of how let down and frustrated so many people feel. It’s rotten to be robbed by the weather.

    But we’re NOT going to let it beat us. We’re in talks, right now, about holding Sunrise again, not next year (as we suggested in an earlier bulletin) but later THIS SEASON.

    All tickets will be valid, regardless of whether you got here and swapped your ticket for a wristband or you still have your original ticket. If you bought one, we have your details. WE WILL be in touch.

    And your ticket won’t just admit you to our next event… it will be worth EVEN more. We’re going to make it up to everyone. We promise.

    More details as soon as they are firm and clear enough for us to release. Meanwhile thank you all once more for your love, patience and understanding.

  • Tavdy says:

    Latest update from the Sunrise website:

    Our heartfelt apologies go out to all who have been let down by this catastrophe.

    We are feeling a bit shell shocked, a mixture of disbelief at the misfortune of Sunrise this year and sadness that what was set to be such a successful event has just become a muddy quagmire in the flash floods that hit Somerset. But behold a miracle has manifest!

    We are excited to announce Sunrise WILL happen this year.

    We now have a new date, a new location… and to compensate all our ticket holders for their lost weekend, we’re also giving you full FREE access to another world class festival!

    Whether you came, got a wristband and then had to leave, Whether you queued on the A303 for hours only to be turned back… or whether you were just about to leave home when the news came through…

    We’re sorry, we love you, and we’re going to make it up to you… big time.

    The new dates are August 1 – 3, the new location is Hereford… and the festival in the field next door will be… The Big Chill,

    All that you love about Sunrise will be there. We won’t be able to follow our original entertainment schedule but the new line up now includes Bomb The Bass, Asian Dub Foundation, Roots Manuva, Nitin Sawhney, DJ Krush, Mr Scruff, Annie Nightingale, Fat Freddy’s drop, DJ Vadim, Thievery Corporation. Martha Wainwright, TrentMolle and Plaid

    Plus The Mighty Boosh, Bill Bailey and Beth Orton. And er, did we mention Leonard Cohen?

    For the full list of what’s on at The Big Chill go to their website. For the full list of what’s on at Sunrise, give us a few days. We’re still cleaning up a very muddy field.

    For more details on what’s been going on and what’s likely to happen next, keep coming back to this site over the next few days. We’ll also tell you, as soon as we can, exactly how you get to exchange your Sunrise ticket for a Sunrise at the Big Chill ticket.

    A thousand thanks to the Big Chill for making all this so possible, so fast. A million thanks to you for your patience and understanding

    More soon…

    Love from the Sunrise Crew

  • Tavdy says:

    Two updates:

    Firstly info on refunds & redemptions for Sunrise tickets can be found here

    Secondly, Wednesday 4th June UPDATE:

    We are absolutely shattered, all of us. the whole team. We’ve been going at it day and night, a constant battle against the mud, the rain, and disappointment. that devastating clap of thunder, on thursday afternoon, will stay with us for the rest of our lives. One minute we were getting ready to welcome everyone in, the next we had no option but to send them all away. It was not until later that night, during a brief break in the rain that we had a horrible realisation. Not only was it over, it might never happen again. A mixture of optimism and a simple inability to pay the extortionate amount asked, meant that we had no cancellation insurance!

    For a while, our hearts were darker than those clouds above our heads. Early next day though, the phone rang. It was the Big Chill. They came straight to the point. ‘Would you like to do sunrise in one of our fields?’

    We could hardly believe it. But it turned out to be an offer from the heart.
    The deal is simple and sincere. We get our own field right next to The Big Chill, probably with it’s own separate entrance! the space is slightly smaller than our own site but there’s still plenty of it. The Big Chill is BIG! There’s room for us all to camp together, play together and party together.

    Despite the fact that a Big chill ticket is £129, we are able to offer a straight swap (existing sunrise ticket holders only, offer not transferable). There may be a £2.50 administration charge, but nothing else. For your £2.50 you get to defy the laws of time and space by being in two places at once. You get to be at Sunrise and you get to be at the Big Chill too. You also get priority booking and a guaranteed discount on your ticket for Sunrise 2009. Plus you also get the chance to help us make good on a rash promise. During our first meeting with the big chill they asked us how much electric power we would need running to our field, we looked at each other and then back at our would be host. ‘how about none at all?’ we said. ‘Suppose we do the whole thing on sun and wind power?’ A stunned silence. It hadn’t dawned on them that someone might contemplate running an entire event on alternative technology. There was a stunned silence on our part too. Could we really do this? could we kick our bio-diesel habit? We’re still not sure but we are going to try. We’re also bringing our own internationally acclaimed Eco Loos.

    What else will we be bringing? We cant tell you yet. We’ve only just got off the field and some of us are still on it, working hard to take down the last of those soaking marquees and tidy up the land. Please give us a chance to get our breath back and get some sleep. Meanwhile, accept no substitute. Several festivals have already started to hover over our misfortune At least One festival has already announced they will ‘Honor’ Sunrise tickets. What they mean is ‘why not cash in your ticket and buy one of ours instead?’

    Just for the record Sunrise will be at the big chill this year and nowhere else. If you want to support us and if you believe in what we do – please reach deep into your pockets and find that £2.50! 🙂

    If you simply can’t make Aug 1-3 because you are going on holiday, well, we understand, but rather than a refund, why not request a ticket to sunrise 09, you’ll be saving money on next year’s price and you’ll be helping us greatly also.