We can probably take it as read that users of this website know what the Amen break is and that it originally came from a six-second drum break on a song called Amen Brother by The Winstons. If you really don’t know what it is or where it came from, educate yourself here:

Now we’re all up to speed, the sad fact is that The Winstons never received a penny in royalties for all the thousands of records that have sampled this drum break. Nada, zip, zilch. Sadder still is that Gregory Cylvester “GC” Coleman, the drummer himself, died penniless and homeless in 2006.

But in the past few days, a crowdfunding page has been started up by a music fan called Martyn Webster to do the decent thing and raise money for The Winstons (and Gregory’s surviving relatives). At the time this article was written, funds raised had totalled over £11,400 – smashing the original target of £1,000 11 times over!

Come on, you know this campaign is fair and just. In a fair world, The Winstons would have received millions for the use of the Amen break. Some musicians who have used Amen samples have also done the right thing. Let us hope that the music companies follow suit.

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