For those of us who are heeding the call of Worthy Farm, the Glade organisers have posted the full line-up of the Glade Stage at Glastonbury (where it all began):

Hey there… The Glade returns to its birthplace amongst the trees this
weekend as the UK’s and indeed Europe’s largest festival returns for yet
another year- Glastonbury Festival.

The Glade Stage is set in beautiful woodland on Pilton Farm. A lush
‘tranquility’ (well kind of…) from the hustle and bustle of the main stages and
the dance village.

It’s a perfect setting for the wide variety of music and magical festival
moments that take place under its custom-made structure, the G Stage.

Live jazz, down-tempo beats and breaks on Friday, electro and techno on
Saturday and full-on psy-trance and progressive on Sunday are all
enhanced by an awe-inspiring lightshow projected onto the G Stage
canopy and a host of stunning visuals. It has developed into a platform for
spontaneity. Artists from a wide spectrum of backgrounds are chosen to
perform, not just for their acclaim but also for their willingness to participate
in something creative and experimental.

At Glastonbury 2008, the Glade melting pot of experimentalism and beats
kicks off on Thursday with a special homage to Terry Riley by The Charles
Hazlewood All Stars. Charles Hazlewood has assembled an unbeatable
line-up of musicians from across the musical spectrum comprising Will
Gregory (Goldfrapp), Adrian Utley (Portishead), keyboardist Graham Fitkin,
cellist Matthew Barley, saxophonist Jason Yarde, and percussionist Tony
Orrell. Together they invite you to take a long trip into the psychedelic
world of Terry Riley and his seminal 1969 album A Rainbow in Curved Air.
The All Stars will explore the essence of Riley’s soundscapes, alongside
that of fellow-minimalist Moondog ploughing a deep furrow of improvisation.
The aural equivalent of a giant lava lamp, this will be a radiant experience
for Glastonbury 2008.

There will also be performances from Mr Web Radio Clive Craske, Simon
Atkinson & The Ben Marcato Trio, with their own stylish interpretations of
songs made famous by the great ‘crooners’, singer Kosheen- Sian Evans
joining up with Simon Kingman on guitar. The lush ambience of Steve
Hillage’s Mirror System will be taking things to more electronic pastures
and Nick Warren, Freefall Collective, Tayo and Dreadzone will all be sowing
a fine field of beats and breaks.

From midnight on Friday and Saturday you’ll also be able to take part in
the Glade After-Hours Headphone Party. Visitors to this new late night
extravaganza are free to wander, chill and dance amongst trees or under
the Glade stage canopy, all the while watching the extraordinary visuals
and the lightshow. Headphones will be supplied for a small refundable
deposit at the Glade each night from 12.30am and The Glade café and bar
will also be open late. Dub Pistol’s Barry Ashworth starts the party on
Friday night followed by a specially put together performance by A/V
wizards Hexstatic, and then DJ Dhr Robjin.

After the D&B of Dr Meaker on Saturday morning, things take a more
techno and electro angle as Bloc Weekend’s Symmetrik is followed by
Robert Logan, a dj set from the finest purveyor of bass- Radioactiveman ,
Cassette Boy & DJ Rubbish and Danny Howells. Early Saturday evening
brings a classic Glade curveball, with an hour of wall of sound guitar expe
rimentation from Nottingham’s finest, Six.bySeven, to clear away the beats
before the Glade settles down again for the experimental breakcore of DJ
Donna Summer and the acid sensation that is Massonix (aka Graham
Massey from dance legends 808 State). This is followed by banging techno
from Mark Broom before Squarepusher finishes the night off. The early
hours headphone party then kicks off again with Vex Kiddy and Skam /
Gecscom DJ Rob Hall.

Sunday leads a charge back to the heart of Glade with a progressive trance
and psy-trance line-up after a down tempo start from Pathaan and Aliji.
Festival favourites Eat Static finish off the day after a healthy warm up from
Zub Zub, Ans & Allaby, Regan, Flip Flop, Tristan and Tip World’s Lucas.

Glastonbury Glade Full Line-up – Headliners shown first!


DJ Dhr Robjin
Barry Ashworth*
Freefall Collective
Nick Warren Sunset Set
Steve Hillage’s Mirror System*
Sian Evans & Simon Kingman
Simon Atkinson & The Ben Marcato Trio
Clive Craske
The Charles Hazlewood All Stars


DJ Rob Hall*
Mark Broom*
Massonix (Graham Massey – 808 State)
DJ Donna Summer (aka Jason Forrest)*
Six By Seven
Danny Howells
Cassette Boy & DJ Rubbish*
Robert Logan
Dr Meaker*


Flip Flop*
Ans & Allaby*

The Glade After Hours Headphone Party

Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)*
Hexstatic (Ninja Tune) Specially curated Audio Visual show for the Glade
DJ Dhr Robjin (Supperclub Amsterdam)

Vexkiddy: Full live audio visual show
Rob Hall (Scam Records)

* denotes- also appearing at Glade Festival

Radioactiveman will be appearing at Glade Festival as part of Christopher D
Ashley live band

Steve Hillage and Miquette will also be performing as System 7 and Mirror
System at Glade Festival

Eat Static will be performing on the Liquid Stage at Glade Festival with
their new down tempo project on Sunday night.

Dr Meaker will be performing their live drum n’ bass in the Pussy Parlure at
Glade Festival

So make sure you join us at the Glade Stage at Glastonbury.

You’ll also find our good friends from The Rabbit Hole in The Park area of
Glastonbury and the people who do some of our amazing site art will be
appearing with even more visionary masterpieces in Trash City at

Anyway come and see us if you’re at Glastonbury this year- We’re up in
the trees towards the fields of Avalon!

Thanks and can’t wait to see you

The Glade Team.

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