The rebirth of rave

April 21, 2008

If there’s one man who is responsible for putting the word ‘rave’ back on the map, it hasBang Face rave banner, saying to be James St Acid, the spiritual leader of Bang Face.

As James has never before given a full interview anywhere, we at Ravetalk are particularly proud to announce a world exclusive in The Rebirth of Rave. Ravealk is publishing not just one, but two articles on Bang Face, giving the definitive history of Neo-Rave Armageddon.

The Rebirth of Rave, Part One is more of an introductory piece to bring people up to speed on what BangFace actually is. Part Two is the full interview with Saint Acid himself, raw and unabridged.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading them both and will probably find out a few things you didn’t know before, even if you’re a veteran Neo-Rave General. Like where the ‘Hard Crew’ came from, what tune got Saint Acid into rave, which well-known radio DJ has made a Bang Face jingle…

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