Visuals at the Glade

April 8, 2008

Remember that awesome fire art at last year’s Glade? The fire, smoke and streetlight trees that made the Wasing Estate mud glisten during the cold nights?

Well, the good news is that the people who made that installation are back for Glade 2008.

And the even better news is that organiser Nick Ladd says: “The fire installation team have gone completely berserk – they are creating something that will really lift people’s lids ;O)” Fossil Optical, who had a big orange pyramid tent by the main stage with lots of projectors throwing out trippy visuals, will also be back. See this thread for more details of Glade visual art.

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  • barnett says:

    brilliant. I was so tripped out by the big metallic smoking tree’s on ‘avin it avenue’