WAVEFORM has become the latest UK festival to be hit by overzealous restrictions on its events licence, following in the footsteps of Bangface Weekender and Hardcore Till I Die this year alone.

A message from the organisers appeared on their Facebook page earlier today:

It is with the deepest regret that we have to inform you that Waveform is postponed this year. The main reasons are the increased regulations for obtaining a licence, which have been incredibly prohibitive this year. The cost of ticking all the council boxes is just too restrictive for us to run an event such as Waveform, and despite employing our best tactics we are unable to comply and still maintain any sensible budget. We also believe that it would be very likely that first day licensing check issues would lead to a problem in opening up to the public at all.

In addition, we are feeling more and more uncomfortable with all the personal infringements required, from searching, to justification on all levels in order to gather a few thousand like-minded people in a field.

For those who purchased tickets directly from Waveform, right now we can only guarantee a percentage of your money back, but please bear with us as we are working on several options to help you.

The organisers have lost a substantial amount of money, and we felt it was important to communicate the postponement as soon as possible, while we work on alternatives for all ticket buyers.

A sad day for all involved.

Please email info@waveformfestival.com for further information on all options.

In an email thanking well-wishers for their support, Waveform co-organiser Bruce Elliott-Smith said:

Thanks for so many amazing supportive emails…

We are as gutted as you are. Right at this point we are looking into every option available to us. Moving to a new area, getting you guys into another event, refunds, etc. At the moment people on Facebook are coming up with thoughts & ideas we are looking at everyone of them. Please, please bear with us & we will let you guys know as soon as we have an option.

We think we can something for everyone who currently holds a ticket. We have a team working on that at the moment & as soon as its a goer. We will let you know.  We want to party in a field just as much as you guys so please, any thoughts & ideas are welcome!!!

Lots of love & thank you for the support in this difficult time


*** Ravetalk thinks it’s high time that a campaign was launched against the arbitrary and unreasonable restrictions being imposed by many local authorities as part of the licensing process. Join the discussion here: http://www.ravetalk.co.uk/forum/stupid-licence-restrictions-let-something-t10502.html

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