We are back!

August 5, 2014
Yes, the Ravetalk boards ‘hiatus’ is over. The forums are now split into The Past, The Present and The Future. The Past is somewhere to keep the dead wood of the forum, The Present is for parts of the Ravetalk community that are still active and The Future is to discuss how to move on from an old-fashioned forum structure to more of a social media platform.

The fact is that Facebook was a game changer. It changed people’s expectations of how social media should work and over the past few years a lot of traditional forums have lost traffic to Mr Z’s empire and some have closed altogether. But there has been a growing feeling that Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and other corporate social media sites have got a bit too big for their boots. So now is a very good time for independent sites to fight back as niche social media platforms, using the features that people have now come to expect, such as Facebook-style news feeds where the users decide for themselves what they want to see or not see.

Ravetalk now aspires to creating one such social media platform for the underground dance music community, bringing together music lovers, music makers, DJs, promoters and producers. The boards are reopening, but as a means to an end. From this day forth, the main focus of Ravetalk’s admin will be to start a new site from scratch (working title “Beyond The Rave”, although this may not be the final name). It needs YOUR ideas and input to make it work, so come on in and shape the future!

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