Glade Festival 2012 returns to Houghton Hall for another weekend of electronic dance music mayhem – and you can win free tickets for it! See the end of the article for details of how to win!

In our exclusive interview in March, we asked Glade organiser Ans Guise what he thought made Glade so special: “I think that what we do is creatively a step beyond what anyone else is doing in the electronic music scene. I think the scene has become a little too ‘cool’ branded, it’s kind of commercial and slightly forgotten what it’s all about. And that’s how we show it’s really done, it’s about getting lost in yourself, in the magic of the English countryside, with some great tunes. It’s not about how you look or how cool you are or whether your branding is very clever or whatever it is, it’s a party in the countryside and it’s our mission to show everyone how it’s done.”

He also promised that there would be wicked new developments at the festival this year after having had proper time to plan everything out. One of these is the Meteor stage, set deep in woodland with a massive thumping bass system under the floor. It’s 30ft deep and 100ft wide with bespoke projections, a UFO DJ booth and giant mirrorball above the stage. Oh, and it’ll be running until 8am! Let Andy Ellis, curator of the stage, tell you more:

(Music – Slugabed: Quantum Leap)

And the other big new feature this year is the Pyromid stage – a 30ft structure built of 625 smaller pyramids, all of which will be burned to the ground on the Sunday night! Inspired by the Burning Man festival and using an idea from Polish mathematician Sierpinski, it will feature projections and work by  Marcel Dettmann, Levon Vincent, Mosca, Eats Everything, Blawan & Appleblim, Space Dimension Controller and more. Let the designers tell you more…

(Music – Sandwell District: Falling The Same Way)

So… about those lovely tickets! There are two main things you need to do:

1) SPREAD THE WORD. Please let as many people as possible know about this competition. At the very least, please Share this page on Facebook (or tweet the link to it on Twitter). You can also do as many or as few of the following as you wish: Like our Facebook page, Like this one (just click the button at the top of the article), Like the Ans interview, Follow our Twitter page.

2) TELL US WHY YOU WANT TO GO. It doesn’t have to be a long essay, it doesn’t have to be a catchy slogan. Just a simple post on our Win Glade tickets forum thread is all you need to do and a panel of forum regulars will pick the one they like best. You don’t need to be ‘wacky’ or try too hard to be able to win, just be yourself. Oh, and you do need to be in the UK in the week or so prior to Glade so that tickets can be posted out to you (you’ll be asked for a mailing address if you win). Good luck!

And finally… whether you’re a Glade newbie or a seasoned veteran, do check out this hilarious guide to How To Thrive At Festivals. It’s written by the legendary Nick Ladd, a former Glade organiser (now managing director of two other festivals) and a well-known party animal. Enjoy! 😀

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  • alan grimshaw says:

    its where i feel most at home

  • David Gilmore says:

    I actually want to win tickets to give to my cousin and his girlfriend who thinks hes too old for the rave, bet free tickets would change his mind. He’s albino too if that helps the selection process, can never have enough ‘binos

  • Ravetalk says:

    You were meant to post in the forum thread, chaps, but never mind! 😀

  • Rebecca Amos says:

    To return to Glade after not being able to go for the past 2 years would be amazing. The atmosphere, the people, the amount of effort put into running the event is awesome and so full of love!A weekend that takes you out of reality and day to day life! Its truly amazing, would love love love to go!!!!!!!

  • iain cherrie says:

    This is for my mate. She deserves it like you wouldnt believe

  • Chester Reed says:

    I’d love to be able to take an old friend of mine to experience full 3d Soundscape all weekend long! He hasn’t been to a festival since Stone Roses spike island, when I was knee high to a grasshoper… Where he described the sound as being “Blown all over the F***ing place”

  • Ravetalk says:

    Congrats to our lucky ticket winners, hope you had as awesome a time as we did! There’ll be a Glade review when we’ve recovered – in the meantime, check out the Glade 2012 feedback thread here: